Magnificent new Chinese style decoration cases

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This case doesn't want to have the tediousness of classical Chinese style in modeling design! But without losing the dignity and status of Chinese style, the simple and lively lines are the main ones, reflecting the feeling of the integration of modern and Chinese style! New Chinese style "Style is not a pure element. Through the understanding of traditional culture, modern elements and traditional elements are combined to create things with traditional charm with the aesthetic needs of modern people, so that the vein of traditional art can be inherited.

several glass chandeliers of different sizes break this calm layout - the combination of modern geometry, with jumping visual effects, echoes with Chinese elements, making people feel happy

a long row of cabinets makes the whole bathroom special atmosphere. With the ground parquet and colorful wallpaper, the noble temperament of the owner is highlighted

the living room is a place with the largest passenger flow at home, and it is also a big highlight of home decoration. In Chinese decoration, teapots, calligraphy and painting are very important decorations. Using books as the background wall can foil the owner's cultural accomplishment and personal taste





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