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Whether a building or a bungalow, the door of a residence is the most external sign of the division of internal and external space, that is, the air port. The door accepts the breath of the outside world, just as the mouth of the human body accepts food. The gate is the hub of anger, and the facade of the house is also a barrier to divide social and private space. Therefore, the role of the gate can be imagined

the door is closely related to the flow of internal and external air, because internal and external air cannot pass through the solid wall of the house, but only through the door. The external door affects the external air entering and leaving the house, while the internal door has a great impact on the internal air of the home. Everyone will be affected by the geomantic omen of the gate every day when they enter and leave their own gate. So how to arrange the gate, what direction to pay attention to, and so on, are of great importance to every user

here is the common sense of Feng Shui at the door of your home provided by Feng Shui Masters:

The decoration of the gate should not be ignored. A summary of feng shui knowledge</p>
<p>Feng Shui that fully meets the requirements is not many. In some places, there are Lailong and sand protection, but there is no boundary water; in some places, there is Lailong and boundary water, but there is no sand protection. Feng Shui believes that it is a lack of geography, and some can be transformed and remedied manually. There are the following aspects:</p>
<p>first, open channels to divert water: or build ponds to store water. For acupoints that lack water, we should This remedy; Backed by the main vein of Lailong, there is sand protection on the left and right, and there is a Mingtang in front of it. It has become a great auspicious place to come to the dragon and run through the gas, protect the sand and hide the wind, and get water from the Mingtang. For a village, if there is a river nearby, it has also been transformed and utilized by opening channels to divert water. If there is a stream passing in front of the cave, the incoming water is impatient, so it is better to build a dam and leave it in a hurry. If the incoming water

against the back", the river can be diverted to form a ring like protection. However, for large rivers, this method will not work. Therefore, it should also be adjusted according to the four principles of "understanding nature, using nature, transforming nature, and conforming to nature"

II. Sand mending by Peilong: the Lailong is low and flat, and the sand mountain is low and deficient. You can manually pick up the soil and pad it up, and plant trees to increase the height, so as to achieve the purpose of avoiding the wind, adjusting the temperature, humidity and cooling

third, repair the residence: for example, change the orientation of the gate of the original residence, change the size of the doors and windows, and change the layout of the interior of the residence, so as to meet the requirements of the "feng shui theory". For the residence facing the avenue or street, the method of building a screen wall can be used to cover it, and the screen wall can be built outside or inside the door. Its purpose is to prevent wind and to avoid evil spirits

IV. Use Feng Shui Town: there are many kinds of town in Feng Shui, such as the pagoda of Zhenhe river. The river is turbulent and often flooded. Building pagodas to stop it, and the bridge also has the function of calming evil. Feng Shui believes that building a bridge at the Shuikou can play a role in protecting the water and keep the wealth of the towns and villages. The situation of Lailong is sharp and reverse, with an uninhibited appearance. It is appropriate to build towers to calm it. "Shigandang" is also a kind of house keeping thing. It is often to erect stones in the direction facing the main road and the street to block evil houses. Looking at the demon mirror to control the house is another method. According to the ancients, monsters should not look at the mirror, because once they look at it, they will show their original shape, so looking at the demon mirror has the function of avoiding demons and exorcising demons. In addition, there is a town symbol, which is a written text or picture. For example, "five mountains zhenzhai symbol" uses peach wood as a board, and there is a Zhu script five mountains divine symbol on it. "The ten books of Yangzhai · on Fuzhen" said: "the five mountains zhenzhai Fu: if ordinary people's homes are uneasy, or evil spirits make trouble, this Fuzhen is a great blessing."

v. adjustment of flowers and trees: many people know to use cactus and cactus to block the brake. If there are sharp corners around the house, cactus and cactus can be placed outside the window or door in the direction opposite to the sharp corners to block the brake, and the effect is very good. As we all know, plants can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. If they are placed in the room, they can supply oxygen, and their branches and leaves can block evil spirits and ward off evil spirits. If there is a rushing evil shape facing the door, corresponding plants should be placed in the head-on place just entering the door, so that they can not only avoid evil spirits, but also play the role of Attracting Wealth and treasures. In addition, you can also use wind chimes, gourds, swords, stone lions, unicorns, goldfish, Taurus, golden chickens and other objects to ward off evil spirits and help transport





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