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My space is up to me. Europay platinum wallpaper Experience Hall is newly launched

home, which is the harbor where we live happily. We hope that every detail of home is in line with our wishes. However, busy work and limited holidays make us spend time on decoration. To choose a favorite wallpaper, the numerous versions are dazzling, and the effective version information is difficult to form an intuitive imagination of the future decoration effect, which is really difficult to choose. How can we easily choose satisfactory wallpaper that conforms to the style of home decoration

europay platinum Wallpapers think what you want. The online experience hall was launched on October 30, so that you can easily experience the decorative effects of more than a thousand products of europay platinum Wallpapers at home, and upload your home decoration photos for exclusive personalized design. Get addicted to design, and then go to the europay platinum store to personally feel the real touch and quality of the product. Online design + offline experience, perfect life, calmly done

focus on customer service and experience online upgrading

as the leader of China's overall home furnishing industry, europay has always insisted on providing first-class and considerate services while providing customers with high-quality products. Today, with the rapid development of Internet technology, great changes have taken place in consumers' habits. Europay platinum Wallpapers keep pace with the times and launch europay platinum Wallpapers Experience Hall relying on the resource integration ability of the network. Europay platinum wallpaper Experience Hall integrates more than a thousand product colors. At the same time, according to the needs of consumers' application space, and according to the current space decoration style and space characteristics, it designs a variety of decoration matching schemes. One button design, a little light, and more than a thousand design schemes can be easily matched, so that consumers can experience the fashionable elegance and exquisite details of europay platinum wallpaper anytime and anywhere. A cup of black tea and a plate of dots can relax the busy body and mind in peace, Calmly make your best choice

Lin Maochun, general manager of Oppai platinum wallpaper, said: "The development of network technology is a challenge and more opportunities for brand enterprises. Europay platinum wallpaper Experience Hall is our preliminary exploration of the development of brand networking. With the current network technology, people can surf the Internet anytime and anywhere. The network experience hall is a further development of the space for physical terminal marketing. In the future, we will have more and more in-depth attempts in this regard."

n-power decoration experience, my space is my own choice

many personality characteristics, such as different educational backgrounds and different personalities, have led to the diversification of each customer's individual needs, and the customer's appreciation of decorative art is also changing. How can we create a personalized home environment? How to achieve customized taste decoration? This is a difficult problem that every modern person who pursues happiness and perfection is thinking about. How to make our products fully meet the needs of customers? This is a topic that European School happiness makers have been exploring

europay platinum wallpaper experience hall uses multimedia technology to match various styles and functional scenes with wallpaper products at will to show customers clear decorative effects and realize a personalized and easy experience at home

according to the actual decoration needs of customers, europay platinum wallpaper experience group provides space scenes such as living room, bedroom, children's room, TV background wall, bedside background, and eight decorative styles of europay classical, neoclassical, Chinese classical, new Chinese, simple and modern, urban fashion, pastoral style, and children's room. It matches nearly a thousand product colors of europay platinum wallpaper for free matching, Provide you with the image reference of the overall decorative style. At the same time, you can also upload the actual photos of your home to change the design and color of the wallpaper. The effect is more intuitive, real and customized to help you find your favorite choice

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