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Choose decoration companies can not listen to sweet words

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fake "trustworthy enterprises", "top ten enterprises in the industry" and many other names, these tricks have long been seen in the advertising of decoration companies; False promises, vague discounts and other "tricks" are emerging in endlessly

in the face of all kinds of home decoration companies in the market, as well as all kinds of advertising, all kinds of discounts and promotions, how to choose a reliable home decoration company? Once the choice is wrong, it will bring a series of troubles. How to protect your interests to the greatest extent when you encounter dishonest home decoration companies and disputes? What measures should be taken to protect rights in different situations

case comments

Advertising cannot be fully trusted

Case: on August 11, 2005, a media home edition advertisement in Beijing claimed that it was a "reassuring decoration commitment enterprise" of the Beijing Consumer Association, which was false propaganda; Another decoration company claimed in the outdoor publicity of the parking lot of a furniture city that it was the "zero complaint" unit of the Consumer Association, and the municipal consumer association system had never evaluated the "zero complaint" unit, so it was also a false publicity

expert commentary: if consumers encounter false advertisements in decoration activities, they can complain and report. However, it is difficult to define the consequences because such behavior usually does not directly damage the interests of consumers themselves. Such cases are generally handled by the industrial and commercial department

reporter's comment: the two decoration companies involved in this case are a little "playing" too much this time -- they even have the idea of the Consumer Association. In fact, there are many false advertisements like this, such as false promises and vague discounts in advertisements

be careful, big companies also play engineering subcontracting

Case: last year, Beijing owners Mr. Nan, Ms. Shao and Mr. Wang were attracted by the "full responsibility decoration" advertised by a well-known decoration company headquartered in Shanghai, and signed a contract with their Beijing branch located in Oriental home. During the decoration process, they found that the company did not introduce the Shanghai construction team for construction as advertised, and the project was subcontracted layer by layer, resulting in poor project quality. When Mr. Nan and others asked the company to solve the above problems, the team in charge of construction withdrew from the construction site without saying goodbye. When the complaint was fruitless, the three people took the company to court on suspicion of "residential decoration fraud". Finally, the court ruled in favor of the three owners

expert commentary: during the decoration process, consumers should keep written materials such as contracts and invoices. In addition, audio-visual materials and witnesses are valid evidence

reporter's comments: these three owners sued and won in the name of decoration fraud, which is commendable. At the same time, the court's decision also gave other consumers great confidence

air pollution can be appealed according to "environmental governance"

Case: in February 2005, Mr. Zhang, a Beijing citizen, signed a contract with a decoration company in Beijing. After completion, Mr. Zhang found that the smell in the new house was pungent after paying all the decoration money. After testing and identification, it was found that the formaldehyde and ammonia content in the indoor air seriously exceeded the standard. Mr. Zhang took the decoration company to a court in Tongzhou. The judge believed that the safe and comfortable new house was what Mr. Zhang needed. In November of the same year, after the mediation of Tongzhou court, the decoration company compensated Mr. Zhang for the indoor environment treatment fee and compensation fee, totaling 3800 yuan

expert commentary: the contract signed before decoration must be detailed, and the decoration quality and the brand, quality, quantity and grade of materials should be clearly marked as far as possible. The more specific and detailed, the better. Especially for those decoration projects that contract labor and materials, they should be clearly noted in the contract. This case also reminds us that as long as there is air pollution, the cost of treatment should also be paid by the decoration company

reporter's comment: it is worth noting that in this case, the decoration company compensated the owner for environmental treatment fees, rather than personal injury compensation

beware of hidden projects becoming hidden danger projects

case: in 2005, Ms. Yang and her husband in Shenzhen bought a house. The couple invited a famous local decoration company to pave the wooden floor. The contract agreed that the decoration company would contract the labor and materials, and be responsible for the selection, purchase and installation of more than 100 square meters of floor decoration in the set. It was officially delivered on January 16th, 2006. But on the night of check-in, Ms. Yang found that the floor ran away -- the section of the water pipe leading to the kitchen hidden under the ground was cracked. After investigation, the decoration company admitted that it did not take into account the hidden water pipe located beside the wall when laying the wooden floor, and the water pipe broke due to improper use of external force. Finally, the decoration company undertook the total purchase price of 15840 yuan for the wooden floor and promised to properly deal with the relevant losses

expert commentary: it is suggested to consider concealed works as an important item of decoration works in the contract, and make it clear in the contract that all concealed works must be inspected and accepted by consumers

reporter's comment: this case reminds consumers that if they are not careful in the acceptance, they will be in big trouble when there is a real problem. If they encounter unscrupulous companies, they will "lose both housing and finance"




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