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Store decoration Feng Shui is also exquisite. The more luxurious the store decoration is, the better. This is a decoration misunderstanding. Store decoration should first be intuitive, so that customers know what products you want to sell. Secondly, if you want to relax, you have the impulse to stay for a long time. Of course, more importantly, it can also bring wealth to the shopkeeper. The following Xiaobian will introduce the geomantic furnishings of the store and the geomantic knowledge of store decoration


generally, the door of the store should not be too small. The door of the access channel is too small, which will make it very inconvenient for its customers to enter and exit. In the feng shui of store decoration, too small doors are not conducive to receiving gas, which reduces the vitality in the store and increases the vitality; The so-called “ Scissors road ” It means that there must be no fork in front of the store gate, which will also affect the owner's judgment and decision-making


for the decoration of the counter, many people will design it at the exit of the escalator. Of course, this is to let customers see the promoted goods at a glance, but often some customers will bypass this counter and go to the next counter to choose, so don't prevent setting the counter 2 meters away from the stairway entrance, maybe you will feel “ Zhaixiangxue ” The wonderful use of

cash register

in the geomancy of store decoration, the placement of the cash register is very important in a good store decoration. It is not suitable to be designed near the mess, and it must be arranged properly at the same time

geomantic environment

if the store you are looking for is only good at your own geomantic omen, and others are bad, it will also have an impact on your business. Therefore, sewage must not gather in front of the store, so a bad environment is easy to lose guests; If the shop is on the second floor, the stairway should not be narrow and crowded, which will create a sense of oppression and make guests unwilling to patronize. The shop you choose is best not to face unlucky places, such as chimneys, toilets, funeral homes, hospitals, etc. even if you think about it, you don't want it

geomantic protection

even if the geomantic decoration of the store is very good, the guests will sometimes damage the original geomantic. What should we do? Wouldn't it be good to set up some decorative items to block the brakes. In this way, a screen can be set at the door of the store, which is conducive to preventing the loss of villains, preventing money leakage, and making your treasury prosperous and good luck; You can also hang some hanging pictures, which are pleasing to the eyes, enhance the prosperity of the family, attract distinguished guests, etc

geomantic mascot

there are three pages in total. The first page is 123. The next page of business is about the rolling of financial resources and the development of four links. Of course, making money is the primary purpose. Then the mascots in the shop are certainly essential. Generally, the ornaments for attracting wealth are placed on the wealth position. The wealth position of each store is different. It is best to find a geomantic master to design, and you can place golden toads, golden cicadas, wealth Buddhas, etc. on the wealth position. You can also put some plants in the store. They are good decorations and have a good effect on attracting money. Of course, the plants you choose should be reasonable. There are three pages in total, the first page 123 the next page

on Feng Shui, the orientation of the desk is very particular. There are advantages and disadvantages in which direction the desk is located, which may involve your fortune, health, even peach blossom and other fortunes. You can choose the appropriate direction of the desk according to your own situation. Now let's take a look at Feng Shui on the office table for your reference


the last seat of the desk is against the wall, which is a reliable position in career Feng Shui. Having a sense of security to rely on can make workers feel at ease and do things more reliably. Back against the wall, but it is not suitable to have more free space behind, which will make workers feel a great increase in the sense of emptiness behind them. They will be suspicious, uneasy, lack of assertiveness and decisive judgment in their work, which will have a great impact on their work. Sometimes a worker makes mistakes frequently, not because he is not competent enough, but because the position of his desk can't make him feel secure


the items of the desk must be placed neatly and kept clean. If there are any fragmentary items, they should be placed in the drawer. It is not allowed to place dolls on the table, which will lead to the recruitment of villains. If you have met villains, it is recommended to place a pot of cactus, bring the lucky charm of Taisui, and hang the five emperors' money or eight emperors' money in the drawer

sharp objects cannot be placed on the office desktop. The white tiger position is suitable for static, and objects cannot be too high or too messy, such as telephones, faxes or tall cabinets are not suitable for white tiger position. The five elements of sharp objects are fire. If placed again, it will lead to a lot of verbal disputes and poor interpersonal relations


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