How to decorate the gate of the house

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How to decorate the door of the house

when we buy a house, the most important thing is to decorate it well, otherwise the days in the future will not be very comfortable, and the door is the face of the house, so it will be very face after decoration. So how should the house gate be decorated? Now let Dr. Zheng explain Feng Shui to you

1. The size of the door is very important

the decoration of the door directly affects the fortunes of the owner. There are several situations of the gate: first, the gate has been set up when buying a house. Whether it is a rough house or a well decorated house, the gate is well installed. We still need to measure the size of the door. The size is very important. If you need to install the gate yourself, the first thing to consider is the location and size of the gate, and then the texture and color of the gate

2. The position of the door is very important

it matters whether the door itself is suitable for the house or the owner. For everyone, its destiny is different, and the method of opening the door is also different. Some people open it very well in the north, and some people open it badly in the North

3. The texture of the door is exquisite

another important choice is the material of the door. The texture of the door and the texture of the door are many. In the past, there were large and thick wooden doors, and some two doors are also distinguished according to their own conditions, including the color of the door

there are also many doors. What I just said is the door. There are bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. These doors are also very particular. As soon as the door is opened, you will see a living room, and there is a window over there. From the perspective of Feng Shui, as soon as the door is opened, you will walk through the window, which is not in line with Feng Shui's spirit of hiding wind and accepting gas. It's best to make a porch here. Some kitchen or bathroom doors and doors are not good at this, The kitchen belongs to Sheung Shui, the bathroom belongs to sewer, and water represents wealth. In this way, wealth will be missed




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