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Every owner hopes that his home will be decorated gracefully, tastefully and comfortably. Today, I specially selected a newly decorated new house with an area of 110 square meters for you as a case. The designer mainly takes the interaction of black and white as the main matching tone, so that in the end, it has achieved a strong sense of fashion and modernity, which also makes the owner quite satisfied. Whether it is good or not, let's have a look

black and white are monotonous colors in themselves, but when you put the wedding photo in the middle, it becomes unique, and the whole feeling makes people feel clean, tidy and comfortable. Some works of art can also be put on the table, and the owner's taste will show at a glance

the overall living room looks quite spacious, but in fact, the space is not large, because the dining room space is moved to the living room space, which also takes up a relatively large space

a little yellow wall tiles are added between black and white, which looks elegant and generous. Put some flowers you like on the bar, and the smell of nature will come to your face

there is a study and piano room separated from the restaurant space. The effective use of this space really owes to the creativity of the designer

most bathrooms are mainly white. Just add some other color elements in it, and it will no longer appear white and monotonous, which depends on the owner's preference





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