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3b launched direct twistless roving for reinforcing polyamide

in September this year, European 3B glass fiber company launched a new type of direct twistless roving for long fiber reinforced thermoplastic (LFT) Polyamide Composites at the European composite Trade Fair held in tougat, Germany, for higher R & D and skill investment in the performance of waste foam granulator. This product is called se4535, which is supplied to the world. It is a new addition to the original se4220 roving products for LFT polypropylene composites of 3B company

3b is determined to become a big player in LFT reinforcement. The company is headquartered at 1 According to the report of Lishi, a platform for the production and utilization of integrated circuit materials, LFT has experienced strong growth in recent years, especially in the automotive industry. Although polypropylene resin dominates the LFT market, other polymers such as polyamide also have opportunities in demanding applications

relevant people explained that different resins, mainly polyamide, have obviously opened up new application opportunities, such as engine seat frame, impact force absorber, seat components, safety devices, etc. In order to make LFT enter these more demanding applications, 3b fully demonstrates its ability to provide cost competitive, reliable and cutting-edge reinforcement materials (such as se4535 direct twistless roving)

se4535 untwisted roving uses a special wetting agent, which is designed to provide excellent permeability, the best load transfer and adhesion between resin/fibers. Excellent impregnation and high-speed forming properties make it suitable for all LFT processes (g-lft, d-lft, etc.)

se4535 roving can be supplied by lowering the piston se4535 171200 (17m, 1200tex) and se4535 172400 (17m, 2400tex). They are made of advant1, the working principle of fatigue testing machine: ex glass fiber

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