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Three dimensional force control greetings to friends from all walks of life new year's greetings

with the strong support of friends in the field of dispersing phase change materials into very small particles, III. 9. Control experiment method: computer automatic control of the experiment process. Dimensional force control successfully completed various business indicators in 2005. On the occasion of the new year, 3D force control sincerely wishes friends from all walks of life a happy new year. In the new year, everything is going well, happiness and well-being

development and service of industrial automation software for three-dimensional force control operators shall not leave without authorization; Business is always the core business, with the development goal of becoming China's Ximen in the field of industrial automation and making more use of China's ABB in the automotive field. In 2005, we made great efforts to achieve this goal and achieved rapid development. Our sales revenue increased by more than 50% compared with 2004. At the same time, we also achieved the following results:

we improved the service system and enabled the software problem tracking system. The technical problems of users all over the country were recorded in the system for unified tracking and management. The opinions and suggestions in the problem tracking system will be given priority in the periodic product upgrading

the power product development department was formally established and launched the power professional configuration software. The power version software has been successfully applied in projects such as Taiwan University, Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, CCTV transmission tower, etc

the product development quality management system was put into use. The R & D department completed the management of software development projects. The complete project management software managed the entire software project in time, and the overall software development quality was greatly improved

the service network was further improved. Newly established offices in Shenyang, Wuhan, Chengdu, Jinan, Zhengzhou, Xi'an and other places. At present, three-dimensional force control has 9 branches nationwide, and its service capacity has been substantially improved

the force control configuration software began to enter the domestic high-end market in large quantities and was used in batches in the main and auxiliary control systems of Shandong Anhui oil pipeline, West to east gas transmission, Yellow River Water Conservancy and power plants

the communication protocol gateway server software has entered the market in batches, and has been successfully applied in batches in Guodian Corporation, Jinxi Petrochemical and other application systems

the installed capacity of traditional Chinese version and English version software increased steadily, and the number of overseas applications, especially European users, increased significantly

2006 is the first year of the vision and objectives of 3D force control in 2010. We should live up to expectations, strive to go forward, and repay our customers and all friends from all walks of life who care about and support us with first-class product quality and satisfactory after-sales service. Let us make unremitting efforts to improve the manufacturing level of national automation equipment system

3D force control wishes all friends from all walks of life who care about and support us a happy new year, good luck and happiness

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