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38% of Taiwan's packaged foods were found to be contaminated with plasticizers. McDonald's Burgers were listed on the list

[China Packaging News] Taiwan consumer culture and Education Foundation (Consumer Foundation) announced the plasticizer test of plastic packaged foods on the market on the 3rd. Among them, 38% of the plastic packaged foods were found to have trace plasticizers, indicating that the plasticizer pollution problem is serious. The consumer foundation called on the competent authorities to formulate standards for the content of plasticizers in packaged food to restructure the supply chain service system and strengthen control

according to the consumer foundation, the plasticizer of plastic packaged food was sampled in supermarkets, chain breakfast shops, cake shops, etc. in the greater Taipei area, and the engine hood liner and foot pad were detected. Of the 34 food samples, 13 were found to contain 0 4ppm of micro plasticizer, with a ratio of 38%; These include the salt roasted pork sandwich rice balls sold in convenience stores, Vega cake home pineapple crisp, McDonald's custard egg hamburger, Niutou brand tea sauce, etc

the Consumer Foundation pointed out that although there is no standard for the content of plasticizer in food at present, the consumer foundation 1 Inspection standard: the air spring performance test standard qc/t 207 (1) 996 and jb/t 8064.1 (9) 6 call on the competent authority to set the plasticizer content standard, and relevant operators should also trace the source of food containing plasticizer and strengthen control

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