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3A water-based wood paint manufacturing technology has won the national patent

recently, as the first brand of domestic environmental protection paint, 3A environmental protection paint developed "a kind of water-based wood paint and its blow molding machine are widely used in various industry preparation methods", which has made a technical breakthrough in core performance, and has officially passed the review and issuance of the State Intellectual Property Office, marking that 3A has reached a new level in the technical research and development of environmental protection furniture paint

3a environmental protection paint actively responds to the national special plan on low-carbon environmental protection during the "12th Five Year Plan", and continuously researches and develops energy-saving coatings and environmental protection products. Energy saving and environmental protection products, such as thermal insulation coating for internal and external walls and integrated thermal insulation board for external walls, can not only save energy, but also reduce carbon emissions. This time, the national patent of water-based wood paint was obtained, and it was at the forefront of the industry in the research and development field of environmental protection furniture paint

water based wood paint is one of the products with the highest technical level and scientific and technological content in furniture paint. It is more and more popular in the market because of its advantages such as non-toxic environmental protection, no smell, few volatile substances, high safety, no yellowing and large painting area. However, the water-based wood paint in the market still lags behind traditional oil paint such as PU and PE in solid content and other properties. The patented water-based wood paint manufacturing technology of 3A this time adopts rigid monomer water-based resin, which effectively enhances the grinding performance of the product, improves the solid content and transparency of the product, and adds nano inorganic fillers to evenly disperse in the system to achieve excellent comprehensive performance price ratio. It is the first water-based wood paint in the industry to achieve high solid content and high transparency, It has made a revolutionary breakthrough in the research and development of waterborne wood paint

(the patented 3A water-based wood paint has made a revolutionary breakthrough in solid content, transparency and other properties)

in terms of environmental protection performance, 3A water-based wood paint also adheres to its high-efficiency service to customers. It has always paid attention to the following matters: international environmental protection quality, the use of imported environmental friendly water-based resins, nano inorganic fillers and other raw materials, which do not contain organic solvents, so that the VOC content of the product is extremely low, and does not contain free TDI, benzene and benzene homologues, It can be painted and lived immediately, effectively ensuring the health of constructors and users. It is a real eco-friendly paint

with the increasing improvement of life quality, consumers' health awareness is becoming stronger and stronger. People have put environmental protection in the first place in the process of choosing furniture and home furnishings. Many furniture dealers also take the furniture with water-based paint as their main products. When purchasing furniture, many consumers often ask whether the furniture uses traditional paint. It can be divided into manual control and microcomputer servo control experimental machine; According to the development of technology and industry classified by the position of oil cylinder, the recent market sales have clearly shown the trend of popularizing home decoration with water-based paint, UV paint and other environmental friendly wood paint. It can be said that wood paint has entered the era of deepening and popularizing environmental protection performance. Water based paint will certainly guide the mainstream of home decoration consumption, and its profit space will be continuously expanded

it is understood that Foshan water-based wood paint engineering technology research and development center, based on 3A, has also successfully passed the municipal acceptance recently. In the future development, 3A will strengthen cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions and technical colleges, and use its intellectual advantages to carry out cooperation in the production, study and Research of water-based paint; Make use of technical advantages to develop more marketable water-based wood paint products, improve the cost performance of existing products, and improve the economic benefits of water-based paint; At the same time, it will actively carry out standardization work, promote the standardization of water-based wood paint in the industry, standardize the quality standards of water-based wood paint, provide consumers with healthy and environmental friendly water-based wood paint products, and make greater contributions to the healthy and rapid development of the whole industry of water-based wood paint

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