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3D force control 2005 spring tour Beijing station kicked off

on April 12, 2005, the first stop of 3D force control 2005 spring tour seminar, Beijing station, was successfully held in the VIP Building of Beijing Friendship Hotel. Many insiders participated in the event

at the meeting, Mr. maguohua, general manager of 3D force control, delivered an opening speech and gave a keynote speech entitled "pioneer of industrial it - 3D force control"

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then, Liu Cheng, manager of the technology department, focused on the functions and features of the new version of force control pcauto3.62. Combined with a large number of practical application cases, he gave a comprehensive and vivid explanation to the participants.

Zhang Feng, manager of the sales department, focused on introducing the new product of force control software - force control power version pnetpower.

new functions of force control pcauto3.62:

1. Historical data of force control distributed real-time database has The automatic plug-in function of remote disconnection enhances the fault tolerance of data

2. The real-time database and relational database can trigger events and control variables for real-time and historical data. The

can be controlled through scripts, making it more flexible to use

3. Extension components can be added. For example, force control can transmit data to the database in the form of standard protocol, such as Modbus protocol

4. The client screen of web function can adapt to the adjustment of resolution, and the integration of network portal is more convenient

5. The recipe function adds the functions of adding and deleting recipes

6. The enhanced video component can play video files in most windows formats in real time

7. The directory tree component is added. The complete Explorer style interface makes the screen more convenient

8. Add query and statistics components for alarm historical data stored in the relational database

9. The e-mial sending component is improved, and the function of directly applying voice modem for alarm notification is added

10. The variable increases the management of the security zone, the animation connection and sub graph increase the security protection function, and the permission management is more flexible

11. The control strategy adds debugging function, which makes debugging more flexible and convenient

12. The alarm statistics function of real-time database is added

13. The communication mechanism of the web is improved to adapt to the communication function of large amount of data in a single picture

14. The portserver component is improved to improve the communication efficiency

15. The bridge communication equipment of GPRS manufacturers has reached 20 manufacturers

1 adopt balance principle 6. Dynamic network balance algorithm to ensure the stability of network communication, which is suitable for the integration of multiple devices

17. Hundreds of drivers are added to the extension to ensure the value-added of the project

pnetpower features of power control version:

is the perfect combination of power professional application and industrial automation monitoring configuration software

support standard rs232/422/485, tcp/ip, UDP, and various field buses, such as LonWork, CANbus and other bus modes commonly used in power automation

support concurrent acquisition and forwarding of multiple power protocols, including IEC, IEC, IEC, DNP3.0 μ 4f, 8890cdc-typeii, ferrantivan-comm, polling, ministerial CDT, sc1801, MODBUS, etc

can be combined with GIS (Geographic Information System)/mis (power enterprise management information system)/cis (user information system)

it is widely used in power transformation and distribution rooms of various voltage levels in industrial enterprises and power transformation and distribution systems in the fields of municipal construction, intelligent buildings, water conservancy, environmental protection and port core industries. It is a comprehensive management platform for industrial enterprises to integrate instrument and electricity

the meeting also prepared exquisite gifts for the guests and carried out on-site lottery activities, which well invigorated the on-site atmosphere. The prizes were two 128M capacity u disks and a set of force control configuration software, which were still cautious in the steel plant's demand for coke price adjustment

the participants showed great interest in the force control software and made use of the break time between the meetings to consult and communicate with the force control technicians

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at the same time, the conference also received strong support from partners. 11. Relevant personnel of iResearch technology, Shida peripherals and Hongge technology also made keynote speeches. The conference also demonstrated the interconnection of force control products with the above hardware products, demonstrating a typical complete system solution for users.

the conference was a great success, and It also made a good start for the 2005 spring tour seminar of 3D force control. Combined with the sincere feedback from users, 3D force control will continue to forge ahead, continue to provide users with excellent automation software products, and provide users with complete solutions in a reliable, stable and consistent style with users' engineering habits

3D force control 2005 spring tour seminar will be held in major cities in succession. Please pay attention to the specific dates and meeting places around the world. We look forward to your visit and guidance

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