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3D force control - Hongge technology seminar will be held soon

in order to make users better understand PCAuto products and enhance communication with users, we will hold a special seminar in Shanghai in conjunction with Hongge technology company on September 7. Welcome friends in the industry to provide guidance and share a complete solution from on-site data acquisition and control to host computer monitoring

3D force control was founded in 1993. It is a high-tech enterprise with the core development direction of replacing the control integration technology every six months. More than ten years of Industrial IT development investment has laid the professional advantage of three-dimensional rotatable oil return valve force control. For more than ten years, 3D force control has built a well-known industrial automation brand in the industry with the primary goal of pursuing customer satisfaction. From Daqing oil field to Shengli oil field and Xinjiang oil field, from Heilongjiang Hegang coal mine to Shanxi Jincheng coal mine, from Yanshan Petrochemical to Maoming Petrochemical, from offshore oil drilling platform to rocket launch center, from Shanghai Pudong Jinmao building to Taiwan Rong general hospital, from Beijing Futian Automobile Co., Ltd. to Changchun Yiqi Volkswagen and Shanghai Volkswagen, the operation of North recycled plastic granulator touches on a wide range of areas of the national economy, From the capital iron and steel company to Shanghai Baoshan Iron and steel company, from Xi'an city heat to Harbin city heat, from Daqing oilfield water supply company to the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, from Bengbu gas pipeline to west east gas transmission, we can find examples of the application of 3D force control products everywhere. Our users are enjoying the high-quality service of 3D force control and the achievements of a series of automation software every day: improving efficiency and saving costs

Hongge Technology (icpdas) was founded in Taiwan's Silicon Valley Hsinchu Industrial Park in 1993. It is a professional company engaged in the development of industrial data collection products and marketing around the world. As early as 1997, Hongge was committed to applying embedded real-time OS, industrial Ethernet, IEC compliant soft logic and other technologies to industrial automation. In 2003, it launched the landmark wincon-8000 series products, which perfectly combined these three technologies and further integrated HMI functions. In 2004, Hongge applied new technologies, integrated new functions, and launched more new products, such as: Embedded Linux based control system lincon-8000 series, signal conditioning module sg-3000 series, new distributed real-time synchronization bus frnet-2000, and advanced Xscale embedded motherboard

host city: cooperation and negotiation in Shanghai

meeting date: September 7

meeting place: Jiuzhou hall, fourth floor, Jianguo Hotel, Shanghai

contact person: Miss Wu


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