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Under the high temperature of 38 ℃, the "Spider Man" on the electric pole

caiwenjie/Wen huchunhua/camera

july 24, the weather was sunny and the temperature was 38 ℃

at 3:00 a.m., huangxiaojun, from the power supply station of Yidu new area, got up. Today, what we need to do is the emergency diversion and overhaul project of 10 kV Liujia 761 line. As the diameter of high bend center is regulated by relevant standards, the temperature assumption is not correct, and the oil weather continues to attack. In addition, in the first half of the year, this line added a large user, and the power load has increased sharply. Liujia 761 line has a heavy load problem, so it must be shunted in time to reduce the pressure on the line


4, Huang Xiaojun and other staff arrived at the site to orderly carry out the preparations for pulling wires, power failure and personal safety measures


5:00, sky 9 and tensile testing machine 1 must pay attention to adjust the travel limit switch. The switch gradually lights up. Huang Xiaojun puts on the foot buckle and starts climbing on the cement pole. This time, he mainly does the work of line cutting, wire adjustment, switch installation, etc. in addition, he needs to replace a batch of new cross arms. The cross arms are angle irons fixed horizontally on the top of the pole, with porcelain bottles on them to support overhead wires. A cross arm weighs 20 or 30 kilograms, which is pulled up manually with a rope. As the sun rises, the temperature rises. Before long, Huang Xiaojun is sweating, and beads of sweat with the size of beans are dripping from his forehead

I hurried to pick up a few meals at noon and continued to work. By 2:00 p.m., all diversion work was successfully completed on time and power was restored

the weather is hot. In order not to affect residents' electricity use, our staff work in the dark in the morning. Wangwei, director of the power supply office of Jinyi new urban area, told us that in this way, the staff also avoided working in the hottest time. In the afternoon, the temperature of the cement pole would rise very high. The temperature above would be at least 10 degrees Celsius higher than that below us. It was very difficult

according to statistics, only in June, Jindong branch of guojinhua power supply company has carried out 1050 times of fault repair. At more than 2:00 p.m. on July 23, the maximum load of Jindong power reached 43.4 kW, a record high. The rapid load growth of power consumption in summer brings great pressure to power operation. The proportion of power consumption in Jinyi new urban area is the highest in Jindong District, and the line overload is also the most serious. In a busy day, more than 20 power emergency repair accidents have to be handled

it is not a slogan for power workers to fight the heat and ensure power supply. In order to ensure reliable and stable power operation, there are many huangxiaojun on the road this summer

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