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360 Finance: artificial intelligence will become the "hydropower coal" in many industries.

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original title: 360 Finance: artificial intelligence will become the source of "hydropower coal" in many industries: Hujin news agency

"artificial intelligence will become an infrastructure like hydropower coal, and enterprises without AI capability will be marginalized."

how can artificial intelligence be applied in specific financial scenarios? How does technology change the traditional financial industry in subtle ways? On August 15, at the "ai+ financial intelligence release infinite possibility - 360 financial AI media open day", 360 financial data technology experts had an in-depth discussion on this issue with nearly 50 participating media. Su Sui, director of 360 financial big data, pointed out that to effectively solve the key common problems of civil aircraft materials, "enterprises without AI capability will be marginalized."

the traditional financial industry faces the challenge of "three highs and one low"

"with the improvement of China's information technology level, the integration of the financial industry and artificial intelligence has reached an unprecedented level, which is both a challenge and an opportunity for traditional banks. As China's economy enters the new normal, the traditional financial industry faces the challenge of" three highs and one low ", that is, high labor intensity, high personnel management cost, high business threshold and low user experience." Su Sui said. The public praise of Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. is inherited from the standardized service of assaying

in the traditional financial and credit business, the collection, customer service and telemarketing personnel account for more than 60%, and the uneven quality of personnel has caused the problem of high management cost. The resulting poor customer experience has also become a common problem plaguing the financial industry. Su Sui believes that cost reduction and efficiency increase is the trend of future economic development. The general trend of financial institutions to accelerate the use of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other financial technology means for reform is the outlet for the financial technology industry to deeply participate in the co construction of the new financial pattern

360 financial AI practice journey

it has long been said in the industry that finance is one of the best landing scenarios for AI. Since the artificial intelligence was summarized as the three elements of algorithm, computing power and data in 2016, the value of scenarios was also highly discussed in 2017. In this regard, Su Sui said, "AI is only a technology, not an end product. Only when it is combined with specific businesses and scenarios can it play its value. At present, biotechnology, voice and other technologies have been widely used in the financial field." After that, the sharing comprehensively analyzed the AI practice of 360 finance from the perspectives of intelligent customer acquisition, intelligent marketing, intelligent risk control and intelligent collection

it is reported that among the many links involved in risk control, there are many individuals with fraud purposes who need to be confronted with technology, so there can be no obvious weakness in the risk control process. In the aspect of intelligent risk control, the management is mostly concentrated in the three aspects of pre loan, in loan and post loan. However, 360 finance advances the intelligent risk control into the customer acquisition stage, so as to extend the intelligent risk control to the whole customer life cycle, and achieve balance and optimization between the company's revenue, cost, business scale and other multiple objectives by accurately quantifying risks. According to Su Sui, the automatic delivery rate of 360 financial intelligent risk control is as high as 97%, in which the address heat map and complex relationship network system play a supporting role

The address heat map constructed by

360 finance relies on the underlying data of the map, through color marking, dimension upgrading and other operations on the number of equipment access included in the unit range in the city, and combines a variety of variables to form a basis for judging the GDP information of each point and comprehensively analyzing the customer's risk. "The darker the color, the greater the population density. Through business, it is found that the risk will be higher in areas with relatively low population density." Su Sui gave further examples

in addition to the address heat map, Su Sui also shared another major intelligent risk control black technology of 360 Finance - complex relationships. Su Sui said that compared with normal customers with blue relationship points, customers with risk attributes will show more red and gray nodes on complex networks, which represent different degrees of risk. On this basis, 360 finance extracts corresponding indicators by connecting with blacklist customers to comprehensively understand the risk of customers

as the focus of sharing, Su Sui introduced the application of voice robots in all aspects of financial scenarios. As early as 2017, 360 finance improved its traditional business performance through its self-developed voice robot, liberated about 70% of the labor cost, and significantly improved the collection efficiency and customer experience. Why is the effect of 360 financial voice robot better than that of competitive products? "On the one hand, in order to give users a positive psychological hint, 360 financial voice robot will extract the user's dialect to respond, which is more close to the user's perception; on the other hand, in order to reduce the impact of artificial emotion and efficiency, and supplement the mechanical defects of AI in the application, 360 financial adopts a man-machine combination to carry out relevant businesses and output capabilities; finally, 360 financial voice robot can complete 100% quality inspection every day, and in time In terms of effectiveness, h+1 rapid response has been achieved. " It is understood that the 360 voice machine will introduce the precautions and features of the rubber tensile strength testing machine. The human emotion detection function has shown certain energy efficiency in application, and will be further applied to relevant business processes in the future

At the end of the sharing, Su Sui analyzed the development trend of ai+ finance from the perspective of industry and technology and put forward that "artificial intelligence will become an infrastructure like hydropower and coal, and enterprises without AI capability will be marginalized."

Su Sui believes that from the perspective of the industry, the future competition is the competition of comprehensive ability, and the product experience including process and efficiency will become an important measurement standard. The industry is showing the trend of artificial, intelligent and intelligent, so as to further solve the problems of the breadth, depth and satisfaction of financial services. From a technical point of view, various behavioral data will be more fully utilized. At present, the value of a large amount of paper-based information accumulated by traditional financial institutions has not been fully explored. The application of unstructured data will change the structured value of data. In addition, both large-scale enterprises and small and medium-sized companies will play different roles in data processing, mining and communication

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