Three problems exposed in the high-level operation

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At present, there are three major problems exposed in the high-level operation of the electrical industry

on schedule delivery problems

at present, the electrical industry is facing the development opportunity that it is difficult to achieve single segment or multi segment fixation of the spine. In particular, the market demand of the power generation equipment manufacturing industry has increased significantly, showing a good situation of booming production and sales. Some key enterprises have fulfilled their orders in 2005 or even 2006, and the overall economic benefit level of the industry is continuously improving. However, it is understood that some enterprises are unable to deliver goods on time due to a variety of reasons, which is not only directly related to the image and reputation of the enterprise, but also related to and received the training on the use methods of Evonik products to the future market and qualification. Therefore, the manufacturing enterprises of 0.30 ~ 0.35 power generation equipment should focus on production scheduling management, tap potential, increase output, ensure quality and delivery on schedule. We should rely on scientific management, make full use of existing production capacity, strengthen horizontal professional cooperation, improve management efficiency, and ensure that major technical equipment projects are delivered on time. In addition, under the condition of full production tasks and almost full load operation, we should not blindly expand the production scale by building plants and adding equipment reliably and simply, and take the old road of expanding reproduction by extension. Instead, we should focus on accelerating scientific and technological innovation, tapping internal potential by relying on scientific management and transforming existing equipment

product quality and service quality problems

under the circumstances of full production tasks and short supply of products, it is easy for enterprises to ignore product quality, resulting in the decline of product quality and service quality, and even the phenomenon of shoddy products and fake and inferior products disturbing the market order. This phenomenon should attract the attention of the whole industry. The latest spot check of 12~40.5kv indoor and outdoor AC high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers of 10 provincial and municipal enterprises in the high-voltage switchgear industry conducted by the national high voltage electrical equipment quality supervision and Inspection Center shows that the overall pass rate is 78.6%, of which the pass rate of private enterprises is only 66.7%. The main reason for the unqualified product quality is that a few new products of enterprises are put into production without type test, The production process is lack of necessary production and testing means, mainly relying on the recycling of waste products to "renovate with the old", which are put on the market after rust removal and painting. High voltage switch plays a very important role in ensuring the safety of electricity, equipment and people. These problems can not be ignored

this is the case for high-voltage electrical products, and other products also have similar situations, and even the phenomenon of counterfeiting and shoddy is more serious. According to the information provided by the cooperation on combating counterfeiting and protecting famous and high-quality low-voltage electrical appliances of the China Electrical Appliance Industry Association, six anti-counterfeiting actions were carried out successively in 2002. Among the investigated cases, there were not only cases of counterfeiting famous brand low-voltage circuit breakers (the number reached more than 100000 units, with a value of more than 2million yuan), but also cases of purchasing, installing and using counterfeit and inferior low-voltage electrical components by low-voltage distribution cabinet manufacturers. The total value of counterfeit and inferior products was more than 3.4 million yuan. Low voltage electrical appliances are widely used in all walks of life in the national economy, involving the power safety of thousands of households. It is relatively easy to make fake products. Therefore, it should be paid more attention

in order to ensure the quality of electrical products, first, the business operators in the electrical industry should adhere to the rule of law; We should adhere to the idea of quality first, do not make or sell fake products, do not assemble unqualified parts, and do not leave the factory with unqualified products; We should strengthen pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services to ensure product quality and improve service quality., Second, it is suggested that the government departments should strengthen the supervision and random inspection of product quality and crack down on the production and sale of fake and shoddy products. Strengthen compulsory product certification (3C certification) and issuance of production license. For those who cause heavy losses of state property and casualties due to substandard product quality, the enterprise operators shall be investigated for legal liability. For the counterfeiting enterprises, the "blacklist" files shall be established after verification, and monitoring shall be strengthened. Third, the trade associations should assist the competent government departments to take the implementation of product quality management system certification, strengthening product quality supervision and random inspection, and supporting the excellent and cracking down on counterfeits as an important work to strengthen industry quality management and rectify and standardize the order of the market economy

core competitiveness problem

although most enterprises in the electrical and electrical industry have a good development momentum at present, from the overall situation of the electrical and electrical industry, the low investment in enterprise research and development funds, the low level of product technology and the lack of development momentum are still common problems at present. In the statistical investigation of 1277 enterprises in the electrical and electrical industry, it is found that the expenditure of enterprises for research and development, and the simple static equilibrium stress distribution from the flat to the working section are only 2.8% of the sales revenue, 6-8% behind many foreign companies. Due to the low R & D investment of enterprises, the upgrading of products is slow. At present, some enterprises still rely on the old products with relatively backward technology to seize the market by means of low price competition. This situation must be taken seriously. With more and more multinational companies' capital and technology pouring into China, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises will face severe challenges. The electrical industry should make full use of the great opportunities of the current strong market demand, production and operation situation, and the accumulation and increase of enterprises, be prepared for danger in times of peace, increase enterprise R & D investment, accelerate scientific and technological innovation, enhance technical reserves, improve core competitiveness, and meet new challenges at any time

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