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3com network helps Beijing Friendship medical toothpaste seem to suddenly become much larger? What is the reason for this? The hospital improved its system


editor's note: Mr. Liu from the computing center of Beijing Friendship Hospital introduced: "for the hospital, informatization not only brings convenience, but also brings the hospital management to the track of modernization. Our phase II project selected the Gigabit Ethernet solution of 3Com company."

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Beijing Friendship Hospital was founded in 1952, formerly known as the Soviet Red Cross Hospital. It is a comprehensive teaching hospital with complete disciplines and class III class a functions

Beijing Friendship Hospital covers an area of 94000 square meters, with a building area of 120000 square meters, 850 beds and 42 clinical and medical technology departments. The hospital undertakes the medical care tasks of nearly 720 contract units, more than 220000 employees, more than 4000 cadres at or above the bureau level and foreign guests. The average daily outpatient and emergency visits are about 4000, and the application of networking technology is more effective. The annual number of discharged patients is about 15000, and the annual number of operations is about 20000

the hospital has strong technical force. It not only has advanced medical equipment, but also has a technical backbone and discipline leader with academic attainments and rich clinical experience. The hospital now has more than 2000 employees, including nearly 300 senior technicians with chief and deputy chief physicians, professors, researchers and corresponding professional titles

since the 1960s, the hospital has undertaken the clinical teaching task of Capital Medical University, and there are three grades studying in the hospital every year. In the 1970s, it began to recruit master's and doctoral students, and set up doctoral programs and post doctoral mobile stations. It has cultivated a number of high-level talents

current situation of user network

Beijing Friendship Hospital attaches great importance to the construction of medical information. It is one of the medical departments that early adopted computers for business processing and office management. One of the important basic contents of the construction of the hospital network system - Generic cabling project has been completed. The hospital information system (his) phase I project has realized the 100 Gigabit backbone and 10 Gigabit switching to the desktop

however, with the expansion of hospital scale, the updating of medical technology and the reform of medical system, more and more problems begin to perplex the hospital, and the original network can no longer meet the needs of hospital development. Therefore, the transformation of hospital information system and the adjustment of the hospital to the best operating state have become an important part of the second phase network construction of Beijing Friendship Hospital

construction objective

according to the step-by-step implementation plan for the information system construction of Beijing Friendship Hospital, the main objective of the second phase of the information system construction project is to complete the construction of the hospital's internal local area, such as building a network hardware platform; Realize the connection between the library and the backbone, and realize the automation of office management and business processing. At the same time, in order to fully ensure the network performance and support for multimedia applications, Beijing Friendship Hospital hopes that the construction of phase II local network system can realize gigabit optical fiber backbone and 100m switching to the desktop, and the transformed network must meet the following requirements:

- reliability - the system has certain redundancy and backup functions, and can be quickly recovered in case of failure

- high performance - when there are many users and the sudden traffic is large, there will be no network bottleneck to hinder normal transactions

- security - because the hospital network information involves many patients' personal privacy content, the security of data has become an important concern

- manageability - in order to ensure the good operation of the system, the network needs to implement perfect management, such as accurate analysis of network traffic, determination of system operation status, monitoring of illegal user intrusion, etc

technical solutions

according to the business needs of Beijing Friendship Hospital and the design mode of the cabling system, and taking full account of the application needs of the current and future development of the customer network, Beijing Huaze aoxun Technology Development Co., Ltd. adopted the Gigabit Ethernet solution of 3Com

the whole network system of the hospital is divided into one network switching center and 16 network switching sub centers. The network switching center provides backbone 1000m switching capacity for the whole network system, while the network switching sub center provides desktop 10/100m access capacity. The specific solutions are as follows:

the network center is located in the hospital's computing center. The team said that they had conducted early experiments with 3Com's high-performance Gigabit backbone switch switch 4007, which constitutes the core switching system of the information system of the entire Friendship Hospital in the form of redundancy and backup, providing layer 3 switching capacity and 34 Gigabit switching ports. 34 Gigabit switching ports are connected to the Gigabit backbone of each switching sub center to provide 1000m optical fiber access for the central data server, so as to form a Gigabit backbone

according to the number of network access ports to be provided, 3 sensors, fixtures and accessories of different tonnage can be added to the wiring room as required to realize the intelligent switch superstack 3 switch 4400 of COM company for one machine, and each switching sub center is formed by stacking. One or two 1000m optical fibers are used to connect the switching sub center to the general switching center

in order to strengthen management, the network management software of 3Com company is adopted. It is based on SNMP protocol and supports RMON and RMON2, as well as standard MIB. At the same time, the graphical management interface, simple operation mode and reasonable network planning strategy provide a powerful network management function for the hospital. The integrated network management makes the daily maintenance and operation of the network intuitive, convenient and efficient

realization of business benefits

the second phase of the information system construction project of Beijing Friendship Hospital was completed in mid-2001, and the number of information nodes reached 700. Now, the improvement of his system has realized the following economic benefits for the hospital:

cost control

using his system, we can timely make detailed statistics on the hospital's various revenues and expenditures, conduct comprehensive cost accounting and analysis, and provide an effective monitoring mechanism, so as to prevent loopholes in property management and effectively solve the long-standing problem of difficult cost control in medical enterprises

enhancement of patient service

the use of his system greatly simplifies the workflow of the hospital and provides better services for patients. Now, not only the nurses and the personnel of the drug administration department can see the doctor's order information, but also the doctors and patients can see the drug quotation, which has completely changed the previous problem of poor information communication. It's really

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