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38 to 30 oils look at the exclusive secret collection of Dongfeng Cummins user Tian Shifu

38 to 30 oils look at the exclusive secret collection of Dongfeng Cummins user Tian Shifu

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"I only recognize this brand and give Kangji a compliment! I will buy Kangji as soon as it comes out with 400 horsepower!"

Lingshan Town is a transportation village. Due to its rich reserves of coal resources, Lingshan Town is an important transit station for the outward transportation of Shanxi coal. Nearly 20000 of the local population of 62000 are engaged in coal related industries. The coal transportation industry is the main way for local farmers to get rich. The town has more than 2000 transport vehicles of various types, and new vehicles are added every year. There are more than 20 aluminum processing enterprises of all kinds

this is an important coal distribution center in Baoding City, and the main distribution areas are along Baoding Fuzhou line and Dinglong line (Guojiazhuang, Zhujiayu, Lingshan and yebei are concentrated areas). The two lanes in the town are slightly narrow, but nothing can stop the enthusiasm of local people to make money

in the early morning of March 21, most people were still asleep. Lingshan village, Lingshan Town, Quyang County, Baoding City, Hebei Province, had begun to bustle. Trucks of various brands were pulling coal and stone along the road. The purpose of our coming here early this time is to visit a master Tian

group photo of master Tian and Dongfeng Tianlong t39l matched with Dongfeng Cummins isl9.5 engine

said that master Tian is a loyal fan of Kangji. There are 9 cars in his family, 8 of which are equipped with Kangji

among the 8 engines, one is Dongfeng Cummins isl9.5 engine, and the other 7 are Dongfeng Cummins l340 engines

talking about the connection with Dongfeng Cummins, master Tian said that they jokingly told such an old story:

at the end of October 2016, master Tian bought a Dongfeng Tianlong t39l matching with Dongfeng Cummins isl9.5 engine to pull coal. The route is from Fuping to Huanghua, but master Tian's team complained about the high fuel consumption of this car, with 38 fuel per 100 kilometers. However, according to master Tian's impression, Kangji is very fuel-efficient. The original k62c matched with Dongfeng Cummins l340 engine is powerful and fuel-efficient. After replacing the electronic control engine, it is reasonable to say that it costs more than the original. How can it be used

work site

later, master Tian's t39l adjusted its route, no longer following other vehicles in the team, and its driving habits became more calm and smooth. At the same time, master Tian also paid more attention to the use of good oil products, good urea and genuine spare parts. As a result, the fuel consumption of t39l has become 30 fuel per hundred kilometers! He said his previous doubts had melted away

now the t39l has run 80000 kilometers, and the two k62cs in the team have also run more than 700000 kilometers. Master Tian is very comfortable with it, and master Tian's children are also using Kangji sports cars. We went to master Tian's home to ask him about his evaluation of Kangji. Master Tian said excitedly, "I only recognize this brand, and give Kangji a compliment! I will buy Kangji when it comes out with 400 horsepower!"

nowadays, even the dealers who recommended him to buy t39l say that they are more confident to sell the car now

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