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The problem of the golden sun era remains to be solved

recently, and colors can be customized. A document from the Ministry of Finance triggered a discussion in the industry about whether the golden sun demonstration project will be completely terminated

this document is called the notice of the Ministry of Finance on the liquidation of financial subsidies for the golden sun demonstration project (hereinafter referred to as the notice). The main content of this document is that the Ministry of finance will liquidate the financial subsidies for the golden sun demonstration project in. According to the interpretation of the notice, this means that the historical mission of the golden sun, which began in 2009, has been completed and will be completely ended. In this regard, the newspaper interviewed relevant experts, who believed that the liquidation of the subsidy funds allocated by the Ministry of finance is a normal procedure, but it is an inevitable trend that the golden sun will be replaced by the kilowatt hour subsidy and the electricity price policy

the notice indicates that if the annual demonstration project is completed within the specified time limit, and the completion acceptance, final accounting and power generation are handled, it will be liquidated according to the corresponding subsidies; If the demonstration project in is not completed within the specified time limit, the demonstration will be cancelled and the advance funds will be recovered; If the demonstration project in is completed within the specified time limit, but the completion acceptance, final accounts or power generation are not handled in time, the project's pre allocated funds will be recovered. Among them, the demonstration projects in 2009 and 2010 were completed within the specified time limit. Although they were not completed at the time of audit, the completion acceptance and final accounts had been completed before June 30, 2012, or although the completion acceptance and final accounts had been completed, but the power generation had not been completed. If the demand for light-weight and robust components could be increased and the power generation could be operated before June 30, 2013, the fund liquidation would be handled. For projects that have been completed but have not completed the completion acceptance and final accounting procedures before June 30, 2012, or have not been combined with power generation before June 30, 2013, the demonstration qualification will be cancelled and liquidation will be handled

in addition, the notice said that if the project continues to be implemented after the cancellation of the demonstration, it can enjoy the kWh subsidy policy of distributed photovoltaic power generation according to the regulations

"2013 will be more than half, and the list of this year's golden sun has not been published, but there is no official document saying that golden sun will not do it in the future, which does not rule out supporting individual projects in remote areas in the future." Meng Xiangan, vice president of China Renewable Energy Society, told China Energy News, "the Ministry of Finance issued this notice separately, which is due to liquidate the allocated funds, but its operability is difficult to say. The notice said that the pre allocated funds should be recovered for projects that have not been completed in time. How to recover them? How to implement them?"

In order to promote the technological progress and large-scale development of photovoltaic power generation industry, the central government allocated a certain amount of funds from the special fund for renewable energy to support the demonstration and application of photovoltaic power generation technology in various fields and the industrialization of key technologies in the golden sun

once brilliant year, so the golden sun demonstration project was born

in that year, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of science and technology and the National Energy Administration jointly issued the notice on the implementation of the golden sun demonstration project, which stipulates that in principle, 50% of the investment in photovoltaic power generation systems and their supporting transmission and distribution projects will be subsidized for combined photovoltaic power generation projects, and 70% of the total investment will be subsidized for independent photovoltaic power generation systems in remote areas without electricity. According to the regulations, after the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of science and technology and the National Energy Administration publish the catalogue of demonstration projects, the Ministry of finance will allocate subsidy funds in advance according to a certain proportion, and local financial departments will allocate subsidy funds according to the progress according to the relevant regulations after the completion of the preparation work such as the approval and filing of the project and the implementation of capital funds. After the completion of the project, the Ministry of finance will carry out liquidation according to the review and acceptance

since then, the golden sun has experienced a golden period of rapid development. The enthusiasm for the construction of golden sun is very high. Although the subsidy standard has been adjusted and declined with the decline of photovoltaic power generation costs, the scale of projects declared every year has increased year by year. In 2011, the scale of projects included in the golden sun demonstration catalogue was 677 MW, and only one year later, the number soared to 4.54 GW in 2012

although the number is exciting, the actual completion is not optimistic. According to the statistics of the Electricity Regulatory Commission, the golden sun project, which was truly completed and generated electricity on schedule, accounted for less than half of all projects. Although the specific figures are different due to different statistical caliber, on the whole, the completion of the golden sun is not satisfactory

the relevant person in charge of Jianheng Certification Center, which is responsible for the audit of golden sun, introduced in an interview with China energy news that there are various reasons why the project was not completed on schedule. "There are reasons for saying it or not. The common situation is that the early communication is not in place, the owner of the house or the third party involved in the construction does not agree to the construction, and all kinds of wrangling lead to the delay of the construction period."

the problems of the post golden sun era need to be solved

the way of pre subsidy of golden sun has been widely criticized all the time. Not only that, some insiders said that the "golden sun" project also brought all kinds of vicious competition, making enterprises unprofitable and affecting the healthy and sustainable development of the industry. In contrast, the electricity price is a subsidy for the electricity generated by power generation projects. The electricity price policy is clear, and enterprises can predict the actual profits according to their own strength, which is more respected in the industry

"the subsidy method of golden sun has always been controversial, and how to manage and supervise the project after taking the money is a problem. There is no doubt that the method of golden sun's prior subsidy played a positive role in the early start-up of the market, but up to now, the kilowatt hour subsidy is more safe and reliable; the components are easy to complete serialization, standardization and generalization, which is suitable, and the owners can be urged to strengthen the operation and management of the power station, because the more they are issued, the more subsidies they get." Meng Xiangan said in an interview with China energy news that he could respond to data such as force value and displacement on the curve

in March this year, the national development and Reform Commission issued the draft of the notice on improving the photovoltaic power generation price policy, which is different from the previous national policy of unifying the electricity price except for Tibet. For the electricity price on the power generation benchmark of large-scale photovoltaic power stations, four levels of electricity prices are set according to different resource areas, which are 0.75/kwh, 0.85 yuan/kWh, 0.95 yuan/kWh and 1 yuan/kWh respectively

but as soon as this opinion draft was released, it attracted many "opinions" - the electricity price was set low

"there are differences between the price department of the national development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration on the specific price positioning." According to Meng Xiangan, the national development and Reform Commission believes that the electricity price can be appropriately higher, but the national energy administration holds the opposite view. "Because at the second concession bidding of the National Energy Administration in 2010, the lowest bid price has reached 0.7288 yuan/kWh. At that time, the price of components was more than 10 yuan, and now the price of components is 4 yuan/watt. Can the electricity price be higher? However, the price of 0.00 yuan is still considered to be lower in the industry, and we think it can be increased by at least 5 cents to 0.05 yuan/kWh."

however, even if the price of electricity is agreed, another problem will follow. Where does the money come from? Although the tariff surcharge has been adjusted again and again from 2% to 4% and 8%, the gap of renewable energy tariff surcharge in 2012 was as high as more than 20 billion. How much money was collected, how much was spent, and which enterprises did not receive subsidies were not announced by the responsible department, which became a confused account. From this point of view, the withdrawal of golden sun from the historical stage is only to announce the end of the golden sun project, but the follow-up policies of the photovoltaic industry still need to be discussed and improved. Zhonghua glass () Department

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