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The structure of modern buildings is becoming more and more complex. In many unpredictable emergencies, public safety problems are becoming more and more prominent, such as large-scale power outages, earthquakes, fires and terrorist attacks to avoid accidental attacks, etc. it is very important for people to evacuate quickly from the place of occurrence. To achieve this, it is required that the escape system can play a 100% role under the emergency development department, which is the advantage and application of the self luminous escape system

There is no essential difference between the self luminous marking system of

printing and other printing methods in terms of technology. The number of domestic enterprises specializing in the development of this product is very small, so this paper briefly describes the situation in production, hoping to be beneficial to Indian enterprises interested in developing this product

logo production has corresponding national standards, which is no different from ordinary optical system logo. The difference is that the electroluminescent part is changed into self luminescent material. Enterprises specializing in this product development and market development in Beijing, such as Yingguang Wannian Technology Co., Ltd., have a logo system consisting of more than 180 varieties, covering all parts of the daily fire and safety fields; Dalian Luming, the world's leader in the production of luminous materials, has more than 100 varieties of related products developed by its pilot enterprises. In addition, there are more than 50 varieties of military self luminous signs of the space research institute and the Maritime Research Institute, and the military signs may not be seen in public publications

the above-mentioned enterprises have accumulated rich experience in the production, market development and application of self luminous identification system. First of all, in the selection of production sites, it is necessary to open the measurement and control system software of the experimental machine for cleanliness, brightness, dust-free and good ventilation

production equipment generally uses semi-automatic plate printing machines, which is conducive to the uniformity of color in large-area printing. If self luminous materials are coated manually, it is difficult to ensure the uniformity of parameters such as luminous brightness and luminous uniformity of products. Therefore, the use of manual self luminous marking system is not advocated

signs are divided into indoor and outdoor types. The printing materials used in outdoor types should be able to withstand the test of temperature difference and direct ultraviolet radiation; Indoor type generally uses solvent based ink. Many enterprises also try to carry out UV transformation, but some parameters of products are difficult to guarantee for a long time. The substrate is generally PVC board with certain inorganic materials in bud, with a thickness of about 1mm; Outdoor products are basically steel and aluminum plates, and neither of these two materials is flammable. To sum up, the process flow of identifying products is roughly as follows

blanking → cleaning and polishing → printing white → printing safety color → printing white luminous material → covering printing varnish → detection → punching, trimming, back wide communication, fire glue, framing → outer packaging

the above processes are not difficult for ordinary printers to understand, and many label enterprises have ready-made equipment. Umbrella color can refer to the latest national standards for marking products, and then go to the ink manufacturer to order or white line to prepare ink

self luminous material is a key process, and the product must ensure that the luminous brightness, uniformity and luminous time meet the quality requirements of relevant products. The state fire protection administration has a special testing institution, and the products must be sent to the legal department for inspection before they can be sold on the market. Generally, they are sent for inspection once a year. As for the guarantee of relevant parameters of products, self-test can also make the product quality reach the unified standard. Specific operation: you can make a standard light box by yourself, with ordinary fluorescent tubes built in. Put the qualified products and the tested products in the same position of the light box for comparative experiments, so as to know whether the products meet the requirements in terms of relevant parameters. In addition, there is a professional measurement: luminosity of food. However, it is expensive, and generally manufacturers do not need to spend a lot of money to buy it. It should be emphasized here that self luminous materials must be embossed with the second color after drying the first color. Generally, they must be embossed continuously according to requirements. At present, second-generation luminescent materials are widely used in products, and their material diameter is not single, but a range. Therefore, when selecting wires, attention should be paid to the parameters of luminescent materials at the bottom of the manufacturer

the purpose of masking varnish is to prevent dirt, and it also has a certain beautifying effect. If the sign is placed in the same place of the aisle for a long time, it is inevitable that dust will fall on it, and it will be easier to clean it after being covered with varnish

the service life of outdoor signs generally reaches years, which requires considerable attention in the selection of ink and substrate. Its printing process is basically the same as that of indoor printing. The ink generally uses two liquid reactive ink and thermosetting ink, and is covered with transparent and hard varnish to enhance the durability of the cloth used in the product

since the electroluminescent part is removed, the self luminous escape sign system is also much more flexible in use form. It can set a luminous belt with the same width as that in Table 1 on the height of the skirting line of the aisle, and it can also use ground paste materials to paste products on the floor tiles of the safety passage. Professional ground film made in Taiwan is generally used in China. This kind of film is extremely wear-resistant, and can be covered on the surface of the logo after being backed with glue, and posted on the floor tile. It is sealed around with sealant to prevent water immersion

in the case of fire smoke, the escape personnel generally walk on the ground. The electroluminescence time is relatively short, and the photoluminescence time is relatively long, up to H. its disadvantage is that the luminous brightness is not as high as that of the electroluminescent products, but the escape does not need that high brightness, as long as it can play the role of correctly guiding the route

the production of relevant marks is not a difficult point, which is much simpler after precise step printing. The key is to connect to the market, which is the most important

at present, the application of self luminous products is still in the rising stage. With the improvement of people's safety awareness, the government attaches great importance to safety production, and safety products will have an increasing market

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