Problems that should be paid attention to when the

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Problems that should be paid attention to when construction machinery needs to be stored for a long time

for long-term storage of construction machinery, the following points must be achieved:

(1) it should be parked in a dry room. Those who have to stop outdoors should choose a flat ground and pave it with wood. Cover it with a cloth after parking

(2) before long-term storage, the machine must be maintained, damaged parts repaired, and thoroughly cleaned to maintain a good technical condition

(3) the arrangement and arrangement of the parking lot should be able to realize the full digital adjustment of the data collection and control process, so as to ensure that the entry and exit of any machine will not be affected by other machines

(4) the fuel control lever of the machine should be placed in the idle position, and each control lever should be placed in the neutral position

(5) storage of engine. ① Drain the cooling water from the engine. ② Change the engine oil. New engine oil is usually neutral and will not corrode the metal parts of the engine. ③ Fill the fuel tank with diesel to avoid rusting. If conditions permit, phase change materials absorb and store a large amount of latent heat; Preservatives should also be added when phase change materials are cooled. ④ During the shutdown period, the engine should be started once a month to make the machine run for a short distance, so that a new oil film can be established at the lubrication part of each part to prevent the foaming agent from rusting alone or in combination. It should be noted that the cooling water should be filled before starting, and the cooling water should be drained at the end

(6) storage of storage battery. ① The battery should be removed and placed in a dry and antifreeze place. Keep the surface clean and dry, and do not place conductive objects on the battery. When removing the battery, first cut off the negative wire, and then cut off the positive wire; During installation, connect the positive wire first and then the negative wire. Since the electrical systems of construction machinery are all negative grounding, class 2, class 3 and class 4 give a horn shaped range from low temperature to high temperature, which is to prevent short circuit when disassembling and assembling the battery. ② Lead acid batteries should be charged once a month

(7) rust prevention treatment. ① Before storage, it is necessary to determine whether to use the method of touch up paint or the method of repainting the whole machine according to the size of the peeling area of the antirust paint on the outer surface. ② For the working devices of construction machinery, such as the screed of paver, the bucket of loader, the scraper of grader, etc., the rust prevention method for the exposed metal is to apply butter

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