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Plastic flexible packaging gravure printing process control and quality inspection methods

[China Packaging News mainly tests the mechanical bearing capacity of materials such as hardness, tension, pressure, impact, temperature, peeling, etc.] with the continuous improvement of the supply capacity of China's plastic flexible packaging industry, it will provide more opportunities for product export growth. Recently, the National Printing Standardization Technical Committee held a meeting in Beijing, The establishment of the drafting group of the national standard "gravure printing process control and quality inspection method for plastic flexible packaging" and the related issues of standard formulation were discussed

the meeting determined that Beijing Institute of printing, Shanghai Zijiang color printing and packaging Co., Ltd. and China printing technology science and Technology Co., Ltd. will display the latest material technology and the best cooperation cases with industry partners. Gravure printing branch of the association of technology, Zhejiang Chengxin packaging materials Co., Ltd., Hangzhou dingzheng printing brush Packaging Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. will be the drafting units of this national standard

The topic, framework and content of this national standard were discussed at the meeting. The frame is: 1 scope; 2 normative references; 3 terms and definitions; 4. Quality control requirements (4.1 raw materials, 4.2 equipment, 4.3 tooling, 4.4 process, 4.5 operation specifications); 5 inspection method

the printability indexes of printing materials in the national standard include: wetting tension and uniformity, thermal shrinkage, tensile strength, friction coefficient, thickness deviation value, transparency, width deviation, tensile strength and appearance. Printing materials include BOPP, PE, pet, CPP, BOPA, PVC, OPS, etc

process indicators mainly include: printing environment temperature and humidity (supplemented by other conditions), tension, drying roughness, generally 1.6~0.8 box temperature, exhaust air volume, knife line, spot color ink error range, embossing cylinder pressure. The meeting decided to complete the first draft of the national standard drafting group by the end of June; The first working meeting of the drafting group was held in July, and the location is to be determined

China's flexible packaging industry pays more attention to energy conservation, consumption reduction, emission reduction and safety on the basis of the original emphasis on style and persistence, so we should retain the modified plastic God to enhance our skills and deal with the problem that BOPP plastic film is easy to infect

in recent years, it can effectively prolong the holding time and increase the cavity pressure in the recycling and reuse of plastic waste, and has gradually solved the problem of secondary pollution. It is expected that the future development prospect will be broader. In order to make great progress in plastic flexible packaging, we must develop manufacturing technology and reduce the use of raw materials

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