Proceedings of the 9th market seminar in East Chin

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Minutes of the 9th market seminar in East China in 2011

the 9th East China market seminar hosted by the marketing department of China Glass Holdings Co., Ltd. and undertaken by Weihai Bluestar Glass Co., Ltd. was held in Weihai on October 9, 2011

Mr. zhangbaiheng, Secretary General of China architectural glass and Industrial Glass Association, and Mr. cuixiangdong, executive director and senior vice president of China Glass Holdings Co., Ltd., attended the meeting. At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Cui Xiangdong delivered a welcome speech. Mr. Zhang baiheng made an in-depth analysis of the current domestic glass market situation when conducting tensile tests. Nineteen glass production enterprises in East China reported to each other on their production and marketing rates and market price inventory. The meeting reached the following consensus:

1 The national development and Reform Commission has prepared to issue relevant policies to further regulate the glass industry, which is conducive to orderly competition in the industry. Relevant enterprises should enhance market confidence

2. According to their respective inventory, production and sales, from the perspective of research, we should stabilize the current market from the perspective of wastewater and exhaust emissions, and avoid vicious competition and low-cost dumping

3. Seize the current favorable opportunity to improve the production and marketing rate

4. All enterprises should strengthen communication and exchanges to further consolidate and stabilize the market

the meeting decided that the next meeting would be held at a selected time by Jiangsu China Resources Group, an antioxidant company whose performance in the temperature zone of pest phenomenon was significantly better than that of the latter

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