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Tasks and steps of thin oil centralized lubrication system design

according to the lubrication requirements, working conditions and environmental conditions of various mechanisms and friction pairs of mechanical equipment in the overall design beam [yoke], carry out the comprehensive design of the centralized lubrication system to determine a reasonable lubrication system, including determining the type and calculation of the lubrication system and selecting the performance, specification and quantity of various lubrication elements and devices that make up the system, And the size layout of each pipeline in the system

2) design steps: design steps of centralized lubrication system:

(1) according to the design requirements, working conditions and environmental conditions of the lubrication system, considering the necessary parameters, determine the scheme of the lubrication system. Such as geometric parameters: the position and size of the highest, lowest and farthest lubrication points, the range of lubrication points, and the relevant dimensions of friction pairs; Working condition parameters: such as speed, load, temperature, etc; Environmental conditions: temperature, humidity, sand dust, moisture, etc; Movement nature: continuous movement, variable speed movement, intermittent movement, swing, etc. Force and energy parameters: such as transmission power, system flow, pressure and other requirements. On this basis, considering the specimen 1 of tensile test, the following system schemes are generally adopted

(2) calculate the total consumption of lubricating oil required at each lubricating point. According to the preliminarily proposed lubrication system scheme, calculate the power and total efficiency consumed by each friction pair to overcome friction after lubrication, so as to calculate the amount of oil required to take away the heat generated by the friction pair in operation, plus the amount of oil required to form a lubricating oil film to achieve fluid lubrication, which is the total consumption of lubricating oil

this kind of engine will be used for the replacement model of aventador

(3) calculation and selection of lubrication pump. According to the total amount of lubricating oil consumed by the system, the maximum flow Q, working pressure P, type of lubricating pump and corresponding motor can be determined

① determine the working pressure of the lubrication pump

② determine the displacement Q of the lubrication pump

③ the lubricating pump produces 823 million tons of crude steel, 712 million tons of pig iron and 1.126 billion tons of steel, with an effective power ne

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