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Tan yuede, acting monitor of North Heavy Industry: my love with shield machine

Tan yuede, acting monitor of North Heavy Industry: my love with shield machine

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three days, 72 hours, 4320 minutes. In the seventh year after entering the plant, an employee and a united and progressive team entered the commissioning stage of the equipment three days in advance according to the plan under the condition of tight construction period and few manpower, providing more sufficient time for the subsequent work. This achievement belongs to tan yuede, acting leader of the electrical team in the assembly workshop II of the shield machine branch, and his team

at 7:20 in the morning, Tan yuede was wearing clean work clothes that smelled of washing powder, which he had just washed the night before. After putting on protective shoes, safety helmets and safety belts, Tan yuede walked through the workshop and walked around the shield machine to see the situation. Then he went straight to the team office and started a busy day

four sets of shield machine branch Sydney project Φ The 6.99m double shield hard rock shield machine is the main project of the branch at present. As a veteran employee of the branch, Tan yuede witnessed the growth of everyone. As we all know, shield machine has complex structure, many parts and cutting-edge technology. If you want to study these big guys thoroughly, you can't do without a little real effort and skill. In 2008, Tan yuede, who graduated from the automation major of Shenyang University of technology, came to the newly established shield machine branch. He spent nearly four years studying theory, studying technology, and practicing. He became the leader of the electrical technology of the shield machine branch step by step. As the acting leader of the electrical team, he led more than 50 people in the electrical team of the second assembly workshop to overcome technical problems, Successfully assembled one shield machine after another to satisfy customers

the second shield machine of Sydney project was able to enter the commissioning stage three days ahead of schedule, which won high praise from customers. In order to better complete the task, Tan yuede allocated personnel according to the technical characteristics of each person in the team, and implemented the method of two shifts, ensuring that the equipment running time is sufficient and the rest time of employees is guaranteed. He set an example by himself. Others worked one shift and he worked two shifts. He worked nearly 17 hours a day and went home in the early morning. This has been the case every day since he came into contact with the Sydney project. In the hot summer, he got into the shield whose temperature was higher than the body temperature, and stayed for a whole day. His oily work clothes were soaked, dried and soaked with sweat. Tan yuede was tireless. He said he was used to it, but in fact, it was because he loved this job and insisted because he loved it

in September 2012, Tan yuede married his beautiful wife in his hometown Liaoyang. I didn't go home until the first day of the wedding. I have been busy with projects in my unit, thanks to the support of my family. Tan yuede, who returned to his hometown almost once a week when he was in college, has not returned for nearly half a year now. Just in the environment of loss in the whole industry in 2015, his 13 month old son was also sent to his parents in Liaoyang. He can only see his child on the days when he comes to Shenyang for vaccination every month. A child is really the same every day. Every time I see him, it's different. Speaking of his son, Tan yuede's eyes moved to the distance. Tan yuede said frankly that he spent more time with the shield machine than his family, and the support and understanding of his family promoted him to make more achievements in the front line

for the future, Tan yuede has many ideas, but he said that only by working steadily and mastering electrical professional knowledge thoroughly, can countless possibilities be created together with team members. 28 year old Tan yuede, from a zero foundation graduate to an expert in electrical assembly, from ordinary assembly workers to talents proficient in debugging technology, has found his life struggle in seven years. Therefore, the production and application of modern metal materials. 1. The implementation room of the hydraulic series is basically equipped with the goal and direction of the pendulum impact tester. Due to the particularity of the fixture structure, for a kind of fixture, Sometimes it is difficult for us to be sure that it is more suitable for the sample letter. In the future, it will bring more surprises to northern heavy industry

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