Tank storage and fresh keeping method of the hotte

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Grape tanks (cans) adopt the "policy guidance" catalytic industry storage and preservation method

select the tanks or cans that do not contain too much acid, alkali, salt and oil, wash them with clean water, turn them upside down, make the water on the inner wall of the tanks (cans) drip, then turn them upside down, and then wipe the inner wall with 70% alcohol or 60 ° Baijiu for disinfection. Confirm that this batch of joints are unqualified products. When the grapes are ripe and the temperature drops to the risk of freezing grapes one by one, cut the ears and put them into the jar layer by layer. The grapes in each layer are separated by a curtain woven of bamboo shoots or forest stalks, so as to prevent crushing between grape layers and facilitate ventilation. After filling, seal and tie with non-toxic plastic film, and store in a cool place. The storage temperature should be about 0 ℃. The jar or jar filled with grapes can also be sealed and buried underground in the shade. The top is covered with soil 20 ~ 40 cm thick. Researchers found that the thermal cycle usually reduces the zigzag and transverse tensile strength of the composite to avoid ponding. In this way, the grapes are still fresh and delicious until new year's day or Spring Festival

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