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Xinnuofei intelligent Internet lighting adds luster to the night scenery of Shanghai Bund

xinnuofei, the global lighting leader, announced today that it has completed the lighting renovation project in the core area of the Shanghai Bund Wanguo historical building complex. The project adopts Philips brand LED lighting products under xinnuofei, interact brand IOT lighting platform and software to optimize the utilization rate of solar energy. It provides intelligent interconnected LED lighting solutions for more than 40 landmark buildings in the core area of the Bund from Yan'an East Road to Garden Bridge of Shanghai section of China Shandong first road and the 1.2-kilometer-long Pujiang waterfront

with the help of LED lighting technology innovation, the transformed light can accurately adjust the color temperature point by point, and the texture of the building is displayed incisively and vividly. Together with the previously delivered lighting renovation projects of Nanpu, Yangpu, Xupu river crossing bridges and Lujiazui Central Business District, xinnuofei has completed the lighting renovation of three river crossing bridges and 77 buildings on both sides of the Pujiang River

"as a landmark landscape of Shanghai, the night scenery of the Bund has been famous at home and abroad for many years. We are honored to participate in the Bund lighting renovation project, interpret the century old Bund story with lights, further excavate and enhance the cultural and tourism value of the region, and present a new 'Night Shanghai' and city business card to the public," said Wang Yun, senior vice president of xinnuofei global and President of Greater China. "China is xinnuofei's second hometown and an important market in the world. We hope to use the most advanced intelligent Internet lighting products and systems to help cities around the world create beautiful night scenes and help build a beautiful China."

the Bund landscape lighting is upgraded again to create a landmark night tourist attraction

the Bund world historical building complex was formed in the 1930s, gathering more than 20 buildings of different periods, countries and styles, which has important historical and artistic value. In order to better present the night scenery of the Bund, Shanghai began to develop landscape lighting on a large scale as early as 1989, taking the lead in introducing high-power gas discharge lamps for floodlighting on the Bund, replacing the previous way of incandescent lamps for contour lighting. After decades of development, night tour of the Bund has become a must for tourists to Shanghai. About 3-5 million tourists take cruise ships to enjoy the night scenery on both sides of the Strait every year, and more than 30million tourists choose to enjoy the night scenery on the shore

xinnuofei worked closely with Shanghai municipal departments this time to comprehensively upgrade and transform the landscape lighting of the Bund, focusing on highlighting the true colors of the historic buildings on the Bund. After the transformation, the high-power sodium lamp originally used on the Bund landscape platform was replaced by more energy-saving and environmental friendly Philips LED lamps. At the same time, through the intelligent interconnected lighting system, the Bund lighting has opened three modes, namely weekday mode, holiday mode and late night mode. On weekdays, classic static lighting is mainly used, while on holidays, dynamic lighting is appropriately introduced, and late at night, the skyline of the building is mainly highlighted

retain the classic colors of magnificent buildings and bloom their unique style charm.

the Bund building complex before the lighting transformation uses sodium lamps that generate visible light through sodium vapor discharge, with golden white as the main color, but there are problems such as light tone and uneven brightness, which cannot form a coordinated and coherent lighting effect. At the same time, the volume of sodium lamp is generally too large, which also has a certain impact on the appearance of the building

therefore, xinnuofei worked with a number of design units to develop a targeted lighting transformation plan for the lighting of the Bund, with color dynamics colorreach floodlight, EW reach floodlight, Philips unistrip line light and Philips uniflood floodlight as the main lamp types, and nearly 10000 high-performance LED lamps were used in the main Bund to replace the original sodium lamps. In terms of color matching, the two-color temperature scheme is selected, which retains the classic tone of the Bund as a whole. Among them, 23 buildings are illuminated by adjustable white LED facades, which unify the light tone of the buildings, and the cornices, carvings and other details of the buildings are also illuminated

the Bund lighting project also innovatively introduces color lights, adding a new sense of hierarchy to the Bund. Nearly 300 sets of color kinetics colorgraze MX4 wall washing lamps have been newly installed on the 1.2-kilometer-long waterfront of Pujiang River; The Shanghai Bund weather signal station and the Shanghai People's hero memorial tower located in the Huangpu Park on the Bund are illuminated by color dynamics colorreach floodlights

at the same time, the interactlandmark IOT lighting platform and software can be perfectly compatible with the existing centralized control platform of the Bund landscape lamp, and the lighting effect of the building facade can be adjusted according to the demand to better show the overall style of the building (including its length and depth) which is smaller than the relevant microstructure scale, continuum mechanics scale or physical scale, and can also create dynamic lighting shows during holidays and major occasions, Give the Bund a more modern dynamic rhythm, and help the Bund historical buildings bloom their unique style charm

by using intelligent interconnected LED lighting, xinnuofei can help buildings reduce energy consumption, reduce operating costs, and help Chinese cities develop eco-friendly business and tourism landmarks. If all areas using traditional lighting in Shanghai are replaced by intelligent interconnected LED lighting, the annual lighting cost of the city can be reduced by 50% - 70%

the lighting designers and design units participating in the design of this project are:

· Shanghai Huangpu District lighting and Landscape Management Institute, which coordinates the whole project.

· FMS lighting design company and Shiyu lighting design company from the United States are the design concept consultants of this project, and jointly designed the exterior wall lighting of Shanghai Customs Building and Pudong Development Bank

· Shi Yu lighting design company designed the exterior wall lighting of Asia building, Roosevelt residence and Shanghai clearing house

· TS ruosi lighting design is responsible for the external wall lighting of buildings such as peace hotel, Swatch Peace Hotel Art Center, thebund public service center, Pangu bank, thebund 6, thebund 5, thebund 3, thebund Waldorf Hotel and Shanghai thebund weather signal station

· Shanghai Roman Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. 6 Adopting advanced control technology, during the injection molding process, the company was responsible for designing the exterior wall lighting of buildings such as China Merchants Group, Shanghai foreign exchange trading center, Agricultural Bank of China, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, etc

· Tongji University architectural design and Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd. was responsible for the design of the exterior wall lighting of the Shanghai Federation of trade unions building and China Everbright Bank

· Shanghai modern architectural design (Group) Co., Ltd. was responsible for the design of the exterior wall lighting of the Bank of Taiwan building and the Bank of Macquarie building

Shanghai Huangpu District lighting and landscape management office was responsible for the design of AIA building and Bank of China building

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