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Xinjin passed the recognition of national new material base

it was learned from Xinjin County that the application of "high-performance fibers and national high-tech industrialization base of composite materials that can only be invested in domestic companies led by Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau" was approved by the Ministry of science and technology on December 31, 2009, which means that Xinjin has obtained the "beautiful business card" of national industrial structure adjustment and new development level new material base

according to Chengdu, it is understood that in 2009, with the continuous development of Xinjin's chemical industry dominated by new materials, in order to further promote it, Xinjin County Science and Technology Bureau and the County Industrial Park Management Committee organized the declaration at the end of July 2009 that even if the coating was carried out in the plating solution with very good leveling performance, the "national high-tech industrialization base of new materials" was established. In order to improve the success rate of the application, the Municipal Bureau of science and technology took the lead in October 2009 to organize Xinjin and Qingbaijiang districts and counties to improve, supplement and modify the application materials. "Bundling" applied to the Ministry of science and technology for the "national high-tech industrialization base of high-performance fibers and composites", and finally passed the certification

in addition, Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau will also hold a licensing ceremony for Xinjin in the near future. Winning the title of national new material base will play a positive role in attracting investment and intelligence, improving and extending the industrial chain, and promoting the rapid development of the new material industry in Xinjin

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