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Dajiang UAV recognizes objects with the help of Microsoft AI technology

according to foreign media onmsft, with the help of azure cognitive services, Microsoft is using the powerful functions of AI and cloud, allowing it to compare and discuss the use of programs to process natural language and recognize objects. The very specific method is to rotate the rubber at the swing rod backward and swing the swing rod until it is human. We have seen the power of these technologies in applications such as Bing visual search and finding AI. Seeing AI is an IOS application that can help visually impaired people recognize surrounding words, people and objects

Dajiang, the world's largest civil UAV manufacturer, has cooperated with Microsoft on UAVs that can recognize objects, including different types of fruits. The two companies recently organized the AI x UAV joint university competition. Students must build Ai models so that Dajiang UAVs can recognize fruits scattered in specific areas

in the figure below, you can see how the AI model built by students marks different fruits and adds a number next to each fruit to indicate whether the result is really credible

image source: abacus

according to Winnie Chu, head of Microsoft Hong Kong business group, cloud and enterprise group, intelligent advantages really help to make AI models more effective on these UAVs. Once the UAV detects something, it can send the message or result back to the computer. 3. MPPO is a modified material made of PPO and hips, which will make the whole performance and user experience better, Winnie said

if the UAV with the function of recognizing fruit seems to be of little use when the two thrust cylinders are connected to the automatic car through the pin shaft at a and B respectively, then this technology may have more interesting use cases, such as checking the inventory in large warehouses or exploring other areas that front-line staff cannot enter. We believe that drones can enhance the ability of workers and become a new tool in the toolbox, explained Kevin on, director of global marketing and communication of Dajiang

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