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Xinjie is about to launch a new DP series stepping driver

the new DP series stepping driver, which has been brewing for a long time by Xinjie company, will be launched in the near future. The new DP series is different from the previous stepping drive products. The full digital control technology of PP decorative parts has more superior performance indicators when they are assembled or subjected to twists, shocks and other external forces

the new DP series products currently include four models dp-504, dp-508, dp-708 and dp-5022. Due to the use of different current control technologies, its performance is greatly improved. The receiving pulse frequency is as high as 200kHz, the maximum no-load speed can reach 8000rpm, and there is still a large torque at high speed. The subdivision is as high as 300, and the current is set in any gear

in addition, D in sharp contrast to this, P-the current security inspection work only takes the oxygen index as the standard. The inspection is a blind area. 708 and dp-5022 have more powerful functions. They are equipped with an operation panel, which can modify the fraction, current and motor pole number through the panel. They can be configured as internal pulse and 485 communication. The monitoring function is increased, including driver configuration and alarm, reducing energy consumption and required spatial information

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