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Xinjie electric (603416): PLC is a leading enterprise, and the mask business is concerned

Xinjie electric (603416): PLC is a leading enterprise, and the mask business is affected. 8. The accuracy of the value of the rubber shock absorber with good load indication performance: better than 1% of the indication value note

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original title: Xinjie electric (603416): PLC leading enterprise, and the mask business is concerned

Xinjie electric (603416): PLC is a leading enterprise, and the mask business is concerned

this company is a leading PLC enterprise in China, with industrial interconnection, machine vision and robots. Recently, the mask business has attracted attention

combined with software operation, greater profits can be achieved. When Xinjie electric was at the bottom, the short-term trend index was located in the oversold area, while screw was selected into the stage new high stock pool on the 24th, and Longteng Sihai index crossed the red line and entered the main rising wave, which has always been maintained above the red line, with a steady increase of 24% in the last 9 days

K-line diagram of Xinjie electric

1 PLC leading enterprises

domestic small PLC (programmable logic controller) domestic leading enterprises. The company is a domestic small PLC leader, with a market share of about 6%, ranking fourth in the domestic market and first in domestic enterprises. The small PLC business of the company has the first mover advantage over domestic enterprises, and has the advantages of price, service and corresponding speed compared with foreign-funded enterprises. The company's products have a good influence, and it also attaches importance to the construction of distribution network. At present, it has more than 170 core dealers. Medium sized PLC products have also begun to enter the market promotion period

servo is expected to grow into the company's pillar business. The scale of servo market is larger than that of Small PLC, and the demand growth is also faster. In the typical application of small and medium-sized automation, one PLC is generally equipped with more than two servo systems. At present, the company ships one PLC with an average of 0.3 servo systems. With the help of the customer group of PLC business, this state is viscous flow state, and the servo products of the company have achieved rapid growth in recent years. In addition, the quality of the company's servo products has improved rapidly in recent years, and the industry evaluation has significantly improved. It is expected that the market share and profitability of the company's servo business are expected to continue to improve, and may grow into the company's pillar business

2 the layout is extensive

the ability of solutions is improved, and targeted customization improves the impact and stickiness of products. Based on the existing main products such as PLC, servo and HMI, the company has launched more than 50 industry segmentation solutions in the fields of targeted packaging, machine tools, woodworking, textiles and so on. High value-added solutions close to application scenarios can enter the customer system faster and form good stickiness. In addition, the company has arranged new businesses of industrial interconnection, machine vision and robotics around industry solutions, which is expected to gradually become the driving force of the company's growth

3 mask business

mask machine business is expected to bring greater new increment to the company. The company provides "plc+ servo" solutions for the mask equipment industry. At present, it may be one of the main providers of mask machine solutions in China, with a single set value of 0 About 10000 yuan. Affected by the epidemic, there is a strong demand for orders related to masks, which is expected to bring new growth to the company's performance. In addition, the mask machine program may also help the company expand key customers

[valuation and profit expectation]

it is estimated that the annual EPS of the company is 1.18 yuan and 1.6 yuan. (China Merchants Securities)

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