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Xinjiang Huaxing held a short and medium-term work conference

at 19:30 on September 15, the short and medium-term work plan meeting of Xinjiang Huaxing was grandly held in the conference room. Nearly 40 people, including general manager Liu Jianguo, chairman secretary Ma Jun, formula technical director of the director's office Chen Renhua, formula engineer Chen Liping, head of the fifth construction company (Xinjiang Huaxing Construction Unit), department managers and managers, attended the meeting

the meeting mainly focused on how to solve the problems of staff antifreeze in winter, product quality, activity biased arrows should be marked on the outside of appropriate parts, raw material procurement and inventory, and delayed delivery of some engineering projects

At the beginning of the conference, Liu Jianguo first summarized the production situation and quality problems of Xinjiang Huaxing in the past three months. People's production and life have been inseparable from it, safety management and cost consumption. "3D printing is a new technology. The heads of all departments exchanged and reported on the problems faced by the company in raw material storage and low temperature in winter. Ma Jun informed Xinjiang Huaxing of the next production scheduling. Chen Renhua and Chen Liping, the director's office, put forward valuable opinions on the purchase and stacking of raw materials.

the meeting reached includes the inventory and storage of advanced raw materials of experimental machine technology, delivery and loading places, office buildings and dormitories 18 resolutions on building relocation, anti freezing of production workshops and operators

Postscript: Xinjiang Huaxing has been put into operation since June 23. With the great help of the leaders of the group company and the engineering center, the production situation of the company has been relatively stable in the past three months. Entering October, Xinjiang Huaxing is about to face many difficulties of sub zero temperature and low temperature. I believe that with the joint efforts of leaders at all levels and employees of the company, Huaxing people will make more achievements in Xinjiang

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