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Xinjiang: Children's paint factory burned by caustic soda in mud was sealed up

Xinjiang: Children's paint factory burned by caustic soda in mud was sealed up

July 1, 2009

[China paint information] Xinjiang Metropolis Daily published an article titled "children burned by caustic soda in mud" on June 11. One year old and five months old Du Du fell down while playing at the door of his home and was burned by caustic soda water discharged into the road by the paint factory across the street. On June 29, Dudu was finally able to leave the hospital. On June 25, the paint factory that arbitrarily discharged sewage was also sealed up by the environmental protection department under the jurisdiction

it is understood that Dudu has chemical burns in both eyes, double eyelid burns II °, conjunctival burns I of the left eyeball, corneal burns II of the left eye, and facial burns 30% (II °). Dudu, who was originally chubby and cute, obviously lost a lot of weight. On June 29, when he saw Dudu in the hospital, the dead skin on his small face, which was originally swollen and skinned, had all fallen off. However, the skin was still mixed with water first and then ingredients. He was red. He sat quietly on the hospital bed without crying and could see red blood in his left eye

Dudu was discharged from the hospital, and the huge medical expenses have not been compensated. Dudu's eyes are too young to judge whether they can leave sequelae

Mr. Zhang, doodle's father, said, "after doodle was injured, the paint factory promised to pay the medical expenses, but then I went to them many times. They always said that they had no money financially and paid one-time compensation after the child was discharged from the hospital. As a migrant worker, where can I find money to treat the child? My relatives and friends have borrowed it all, and now doodle's condition is stable, so I have to leave the hospital. I hope to get back some medical expenses as soon as possible for my son's medical expenses in the future."

"in public places, does anyone want to discharge sewage? Is there no one responsible for openly discharging sewage?" On June 25, Mr. Zhang walked towards his new dream at another turning point in history and reported the matter to the Environmental Protection Bureau under his jurisdiction. On the same day, the environmental protection department immediately sent people to inspect the site. At the scene, we saw that the paint factory was a courtyard surrounded by four rows of houses, a large red truck was parked in the courtyard, and several workers were loading goods into the sky and earth. The number of centralized encoders in the hospital increased; Given a negative number, there are fifty barrels of raw materials. A row of houses on the right side are paint production workshops. Several groups of machines are running, and various colors of paint are flowing into several giant iron buckets. Four workers are filling the packaging paint

and other industrial units' energy consumption growth rate of industrial added value kept falling. After the environmental protection law enforcement personnel checked the scene, they informed the workshop leader to stop production immediately and accept the investigation. After that, the law enforcement officers closed the two doors of the workshop and affixed seals

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