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Xinsong company "opens up territory" for Chinese robots

when there is no one in your home and the gas leaks, it can be a "safety guard" in time; When you are unhappy, it can become an "entertainment tool"; When your child learns a foreign language, he is also a "tutor". This "transformer" is a home intelligent service robot integrating safety, entertainment and education successfully developed by Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xinsong company"), which is about to be mass produced. The home intelligent service robot is just a microcosm of many innovations in the robot development field of Xinsong company

Xinsong company, named after academician Jiang Xinsong, the "father of Chinese robots", was founded only eight years ago. Relying on its own core technology, it built a high-tech independent brand. Under the conditions of late start and poor foundation of domestic robot technology, it quickly created a distinctive technological innovation system and product series, and competed with powerful foreign companies in the increasingly competitive Chinese robot market. Over the past few years, Chinese robots have "deported" foreign robots, and Xinsong has also become the "big brother" of the domestic robot market

in 2007, Xinsong company sold 650 sets of robot systems, achieved sales revenue of more than 600million yuan, earned foreign exchange of more than 10 million US dollars, and owned more than 60 patents. All indicators ranked first in the same industry in China. It is planned to complete the sales volume of 800 plastic tableware of robot system in 2008 and implement the specified sets of degradable plastic products, aiming to hit the target of 1billion yuan, and strive to achieve an output value of 3billion yuan in 2010

Dr. Qu Daokui, President of Xinsong company, said that the company adheres to bringing innovation with research and development and promoting development with innovation. The company has established a technology research and development system with market orientation and close integration of industry, University and research, formulated 3 national standards, and completed more than 600 scientific and technological research projects, including 22 national and provincial-level projects, and more than 10 new products have won national key new products and provincial-level excellent new products. In recent years, they have developed more than 30 new industrial robot products with independent intellectual property rights, breaking the foreign technological blockade and monopoly; Overcome the key technical problems that restrict the rapid development of IC manufacturing equipment, and make a major breakthrough in the research of vacuum (clean) robots; The first intelligent service robot developed has filled the domestic gap, and its indicators have reached the international advanced level. "This kind of intelligent robot, commonly known as personal robot, will be the third largest household appliance product after TV and computer, and the market is extremely broad." Looking forward to the future, Qu Daokui is full of confidence

the robot developed by Xinsong company can be so "swaggering", which is also supported by a scientific and technological "giant", that is, the Shenyang Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the largest shareholder of Xinsong company. The Institute of automation, founded in 1958, has made many domestic leading research achievements in automation technology. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the Institute of automation listed artificial intelligence and robot as a new discipline development direction, and took the lead in carrying out robot theory and application research in China. In 1999, the Institute of automation became one of the first pilot units of the knowledge innovation project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to further actively promote the transformation of scientific research achievements and high-tech industrialization. In 2000, the Institute of automation, as the main sponsor, established Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd

the "1. Easy to install high-tech identity" of the largest shareholder has made Xinsong more dazzling than its peers since its birth: China's first robot high-tech company with independent intellectual property rights has been awarded the industrialization base of the achievements of the national high tech research and development plan and the industrialization base of intelligent robots under the national "863" plan by the Ministry of science and technology. Subsequently, Xinsong company consolidated its position in the robot field step by step, became the "leader" of the industry, and formed a robot technology system and application system with independent intellectual property rights in China

in 2007, the AGV (mobile robot) automatic guidance independently developed by Xinsong company (4) and China's comprehensive ban on the import of vanadium slag became the fuse car that ignited the soaring price of vanadium, winning the global bidding of general motors, creating a precedent for the export of domestic robots. In China, Xinsong company has set off an upsurge of Chinese enterprises to improve traditional industries with advanced manufacturing equipment, and has completed more than 1000 robot automation turnkey projects

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