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Yi'an explosion-proof electrical box floor mounted installation

Yi'an explosion-proof electrical box floor mounted installation

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Product Brand Senn explosion-proof product model complete production city Wenzhou, Zhejiang shipping city Wenzhou, Zhejiang total supply 99 domestic 5g test network under construction 99 minimum starting order 1 product unit price 100 measurement units product details

company main business: explosion-proof distribution box, Explosion proof distribution cabinet, explosion-proof control box, explosion-proof maintenance box, explosion-proof socket box, explosion-proof junction box, explosion-proof instrument box, explosion-proof button box, explosion-proof circuit breaker, explosion-proof magnetic starter, explosion-proof frequency converter, explosion-proof LED light, explosion-proof indicator light, explosion-proof safety exit sign light, explosion-proof emergency light, explosion-proof lighting, explosion-proof floodlight, explosion-proof fluorescent light, explosion-proof audible and visual alarm, explosion-proof axial fan, explosion-proof exhaust fan, Explosion proof air conditioner, explosion-proof junction box, explosion-proof threading box, explosion-proof flexible pipe, explosion-proof gland and other explosion-proof products

relying on the regional advantages of national explosion-proof technology, Zhejiang Senen has taken "ensuring safe production and protecting the dignity of life" as its corporate mission and "integrity, pragmatism, humanism and innovation" as its business philosophy. Over the years, it has been determined to forge ahead, explore and innovate, and has successively developed a number of high-tech products and complete sets of explosion-proof electrical equipment with independent intellectual property rights, filling a number of product gaps and creating a number of industry firsts

for explosion-proof electrical box outlet specification: diameter 6mm-80mm; Lead in and lead out direction: up in and out, down in and out (unlimited according to customer requirements) features of explosion-proof instrument box 1. The shell of this product is formed by aluminum alloy die casting or steel plate welding, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed after high-speed shot blasting, with beautiful appearance; 2. This product is an explosion-proof structure, which can be equipped with various explosion-proof instruments, such as voltmeter, ammeter, digital display meter, temperature controller, tachometer, flowmeter and other display instruments and various display instruments to be operated; 3. This product has comprehensively launched a new and optimized design scheme, with reasonable structure, strong versatility, high service life, and a sales volume of more than 100 million yuan that year, with a beautiful appearance; 4. All fasteners are made of 304 stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance; 5. Wiring mode: steel pipe or cable, explosion-proof hose; 6. It can be customized according to user requirements; (if ordering, please specify the overall dimension and installation dimension of the instrument or the instrument provided by the customer) measures taken for explosion-proof instrument box. Intrinsically safe explosion-proof instruments mainly adopt four measures: ① the instrument adopts low working voltage and small working current. Explosion proof control box is a kind of equipment used in inflammable and easy to use places. It is precisely because of the particularity of explosion-proof control box that the requirements for use are very strict. After the explosion-proof control box is sealed, various sealing rings are used. In some places, the manufacturer also needs to use special sealing glue. This method has become popular in recent years, greatly improving the explosion-proof performance. Technical features: the most commonly used black epoxy potting adhesive has medium viscosity and good fluidity. When injecting products, it is easy to penetrate the gap between the circuit board and electronic components. It is easy to use and works very well. Colloid is composed of two parts A and B. It has long service life and long operation time. The curing effect is good at room temperature for 6~8 hours. The surface of the cured product is flat without obvious bubbles. The material has good acid and alkaline resistance and is sealed. Moisture proof, insulation, high hardness after curing. The solidified material has good flame retardancy and aging resistance in the explosion-proof control box, which greatly improves the safety. It also provides good insulation, compression and strength for electrical components and explosion-proof housing materials

what are the requirements of explosion-proof electrical boxes, explosion-proof instrument boxes, explosion-proof operation boxes and other explosion-proof boxes of Zhejiang Senen explosion-proof electrical appliances? Explosion proof instrument boxes, explosion-proof instrument boxes and explosion-proof operation boxes belong to explosion-proof products, which are different from general electrical products. The requirements for materials of explosion-proof instrument boxes are higher than other electrical products. Moreover, the overall material thickness of the shell box of explosion-proof distribution box is 4mm when doing tensile test, Moreover, it is relatively safe to work in some dangerous places. Attention should also be paid to some details in the production process of explosion-proof instrument box 1. All welded explosion-proof instrument box boxes must be welded on both sides, and there must be no welding defects such as penetration and sand holes. The welds must be flattened after welding. 2. When there is a place where the box needs to be welded, it must be carefully and carefully welded, gradually adopt fixed process equipment, annealing after welding, reduce deformation, and maintain the integrity and aesthetics of the explosion-proof instrument box. 3. The threaded hole of the explosion-proof instrument box shall be matched with the cover, and it shall not be mixed in series. 4. The shell of explosion-proof instrument box must be able to withstand the impact of 7J energy without damage 5 When the explosion-proof instrument box has not been marked with shape. Explosion proof instrument boxes are commonly used for explosion-proof and intrinsically safe explosion-proof. Briefly speaking, explosion-proof is to use the watch case to separate the circuit elements inside the appearance from the external environment that can contain substances. Sparks inside the watch will not detonate the external substances, so explosion-proof instrument boxes are very thick. Intrinsically safe explosion-proof, literal meaning, that is, the appearance itself, no matter normal operation or showing problems, the energy generated is not enough to light the sexual substances in the environment. The appearance of intrinsically safe is relatively delicate, but many appearances need to operate with large energy, so they cannot be cost safe. Lead to three necessary conditions, which have - a together; The energy required for ignition b: air c: the production of oxygen to avoid should be considered from three necessary conditions. If one of the necessary conditions is restricted, the reproduction of is restricted. In industrial processes, flammable and explosive places are usually handled from the following three aspects. 1) The ability and safety to prevent or reduce the leakage of flammable substances; 2) It is unnecessary or as little as possible to use components and equipment prone to spark; 3) Adopt methods such as filling nitrogen to maintain the continuation of inert conditions. In addition, the explosion-proof instrument box device environment can be equipped with explosion-proof positive pressure cabinet, which will greatly reduce the probability of risk

the mutual inductance potential of the explosion-proof instrument control box of the product has both advantages and disadvantages, which can generate current and suppress current. How does the potential come into being? How to judge whether the material and performance test 381:1996 (ics91.060.10) of aluminum alloy curtain wall is broken. The mutual inductance potential of explosion-proof instrument control box is wound with two coils on an iron core. When a current I is applied to one of the coils, magnetic flux is generated in the iron core φ, Part of the magnetic flux φ Pass through another coil. If I changes, then φ It also changes, and the induced electromotive force is generated. The electromagnetic induction phenomenon that the current change in one coil produces induced electromotive force in another coil is called mutual inductance. The induced electromotive force produced by mutual inductance is called mutual inductance electromotive force. Although the magnitude of mutual inductance electromotive force can still be judged by Lenz's law, it is troublesome. This is because the direction of mutual inductance electromotive force of explosion-proof instrument control box is not only determined by the increase or decrease of mutual inductance flux, but also related to the winding direction of the coil. Especially for a built transformer or transformer, the winding direction of the coil cannot be seen from the appearance. It is more difficult to judge the direction of mutual inductance electromotive force. Therefore, when manufacturing the explosion-proof instrument control box, use symbols to indicate the winding direction of the coil, so that the direction of mutual inductance electromotive force can be judged by using the direction of current and the change trend of current. Explosion proof instrument control box is the main product of our manufacturer, so we can provide you with more information

while maintaining the advantages of explosion-proof products, Zhejiang Senen in the future will continue to expand to intelligent products, value-added services and new fields, upgrade from product providers to deep-seated "products + services", make full use of Internet thinking to give full play to social resources, provide users with high-quality one-stop integrated service solutions, and strive to realize the vision of "creating a first-class enterprise and promoting social harmony"

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