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Shenzhen Xinrong Wealth Investment Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinrong wealth) was founded in March 2012. It is headquartered in Shenzhen and has a complete functional system of products, research and development, risk control, finance and customer service. It is a financial innovation enterprise with excellent independent research and development capabilities

as the leader of the Internet financial industry, Xinrong wealth is not only a first-class investment and financing trading platform, but also provides investors with advanced and guaranteed trading technical support and value-added oil cold; Aging: 705 ℃ for 16h, reliable customer service. With the continuous growth of business volume, the customer service team of Xinrong wealth hopes to solve the challenges faced by customer service in a more intelligent and efficient way. Based on this, zhibage intelligent customer service system joins hands with Xinrong wealth to explore a more stable and efficient intelligent customer service mode

customer service challenges faced by Xinrong wealth

as early as the first anniversary of the online operation of Xinrong wealth, the cumulative turnover of the platform has exceeded 1billion. With the enrichment of products and the continuous innovation of platform operation, the platform transaction volume of Xinrong wealth has also been rising. As of February 2017, the cumulative transaction amount of Xinrong wealth platform has exceeded 10billion, and the total number of users of the platform has exceeded one million. With the rapid development of platform users, the pressure of customer service has also increased synchronously:

1. High concurrency tests the service carrying capacity of the team:

at some moments when a large number of users operate, such as new product release, cash withdrawal date, etc., it is easy to have high concurrency with a large amount of consultation at the same time, which tests the overall bearing capacity of the customer service team

2. Repeated problems consume customer service resources:

the daily customer consultation volume of Xinrong wealth is very large, but many of them are repeated simple problems, resulting in a waste of customer service resources

3. The team is becoming larger and larger, and the operating cost is rising:

with the growth of platform users, the members of the customer service team are becoming larger and larger, and the human cost is rising, increasing the platform operating expenses

zhibage assists in the intelligent upgrading of customer service of Xinrong wealth.

zhibage intelligent customer service system provides an omni channel intelligent customer service solution based on SaaS mode, supports online multi-terminal access, and covers all channels of customer consultation. At the same time, the artificial intelligence team of zhibage has independently developed zhibage customer service robot, which makes zhibage robot customer service closer to the user's business scenario through continuously upgraded algorithm model and natural language processing engine

in view of the challenges faced by the customer service of the Xinrong wealth platform, zhibage helps it realize the intelligent upgrading of customer service through the intelligent customer service robot:

1. The intelligent shunting of robot customer service alleviates the high concurrency pressure

high concurrency is a great test for the customer service team. Xinrong wealth connects with zhibage robot customer service to help alleviate the pressure. When the number of inquiries increases, robot customer service will be intelligent shunted, Reduce the reception pressure of customer service. Robot customer service has more advantages in the number of people received at the same time, response speed, reception time and other aspects, and is an effective means to alleviate high concurrency

2. Give simple questions to the robot and automatically reply to repeated questions

Xinrong wealth has a large amount of customer consultation every day, many of which are simple and will be repeatedly consulted. These simple and repeated questions occupy the customer service resources of the platform. After introducing zhibage robot customer service, this part of simple and repeated problems will be independently received by robot customer service. Customer service personnel focus on dealing with more complex problems, and more customer service resources are inclined to high-end high-quality customers, which is conducive to improving the overall conversion rate of the platform

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3. Robot customer service is available for 24 hours to reduce operation and maintenance costs

robot customer service can provide 24-hour service and ensure stable and continuous service. The operation and maintenance of zhibage robot customer service is simple. The platform only needs to import the common questions widely used in the production, scientific research and teaching of plastic raw materials and products into the knowledge base, and constantly train the robot customer service. At the same time, based on the robot autonomous learning algorithm model, the robot customer service can summarize autonomously during the reception process, keep learning and making progress, and easily obtain an intelligent robot customer service to help with customer service

as a veteran platform in the P2P industry, Xinrong wealth has won countless honors: the first vice president unit of Guangdong Internet Finance Association, Guangdong integrity demonstration enterprise, China's small and micro finance Jinan experimental machine factory, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., a member of the executive director of the National Federation of well-known institutions, zhibage hopes to help Xinrong wealth improve customer service satisfaction through intelligent robot customer service, Reduce the operation cost of the platform and create a more stable and efficient innovation road of intelligent customer service

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