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At the beginning of the new year, everything is renewed. After the Spring Festival, in addition to the climbing temperature, the number of visitors to Zhejiang Cohen Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is also increasing. Time waits for no man, seize the day. On March 1, Guizhou Qianxi customers directly signed the contract after visiting Cohen Electrical Appliances Corporation, marking the "first shot" of Cohen electrical appliances' new year investment promotion

Mr. Gao and his delegation first visited the modern plant of Cohen electric appliance. The design concept of the modern plant of Cohen electric appliance reflects the characteristics of progressiveness, energy conservation and environmental protection, humanization, high efficiency and informatization. The plant has good lighting, higher safety factor, and the working environment of workers has been greatly improved. 800 ton four column hydraulic press, full computer numerical control precision bending machine, German imported laser cutting machine and other equipment have reached the international advanced level, Further improve product quality and production efficiency. The dust-free polishing room has five polishing and polishing, which eliminates dust pollution, greatly improves the grinding precision and efficiency, and creates a good working atmosphere for staff. The achievements in scientific and technological innovation, product research and development, team management and other aspects left a deep impression on President Gao and his party

during the visit, manager Qian made a detailed explanation of our products, allowing customers to have a deeper understanding of our company's overview, production quality, after-sales service, etc. President Gao and his party expressed great appreciation for the production process and equipment of Cohen appliance, and said that taking Cohen appliance as the first stop of the new year's inspection fully reflects their trust and affirmation of the brand of Cohen. Later, customers visited the administrative office building and Cohen exhibition hall. During the visit, they not only had a more intuitive understanding of the work of various departments, but also deeply agreed with Cohen's "sharing and win-win" corporate culture

modern production technology, scientific and orderly flow operation, rigorous quality control, etc. all show Guizhou customers a first-class modern enterprise style and scientific research and manufacturing capacity. Through this visit, customers highly recognized Cohen appliances and successfully signed a cooperation agreement. President Gao has high hopes for future cooperation

the title page of the new year has been opened, "practical work" is the most eye-catching word this year. Don't hang your wings at first, but you can finally lift your wings! Cohen Electric will continue to devote itself to the ranks of "hard work" to achieve new heights and achieve new brilliance




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