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Water based ecological dry powder fire retardant coating for exterior wall was successfully developed in Beijing and passed the function test The coating adopts hym-15 fire-proof ecological function resin dispersible rubber powder of Beijing huanyimei Polymer Research Institute to stimulate chemical reaction with waste mineral materials through alkali, and adopts closed grinding for mechanical modification and surface coating modification, so that its fineness specific surface area reaches ≥ 500 m2/kg, the product is fine powder, which can be made into a variety of colors. This coating has the characteristics of organic materials, ceramics, cement and glass, but it is different from these materials. The practice that conventional coatings do not react with fillers has been changed. Water based ecological exterior wall dry powder fire retardant coating is completely different from the conventional exterior wall latex coating in terms of the material properties and production process of flammable chemical lotion, additives, chemical color paste and fillers. Its main innovations are as follows: natural reticular cementitious dura,

1. Material properties: no latex, polyvinyl alcohol, chemical synthetic color paste, chemical additives, not to mention cement, with steel slag, fly ash and other waste mineral materials as the main raw materials, In line with the requirements of high quality, ecology, health and environmental protection, its new product positioning is low-carbon or carbon free products

2. Technical function: this coating has high adhesion, anti-aging, acid and alkali resistance, washing resistance, water and moisture resistance, and anti leakage, which are better than conventional exterior wall coatings. Detailed indicators: washable ≥ 20000 times, acid and alkali resistant ≥ 4300 times, resistant to temperature change ≥ 10 times, resistant to artificial aging ≥ 800 hours; The bonding strength is 1.14 MPa (100 MPa can be achieved through further modification), the surface drying time is 1H, the thermal storage stability is 30d, and the low-temperature storage stability is 3 times. The dosage per square meter is about 0.25-0.3 kg

3. Production and environmental protection: adopt clean and pollution-free production technology, with less energy consumption, no water, no heat source, and its production process, product use process and product life are harmless to the environment. The product has good air permeability and humidity regulation, which can effectively improve the urban natural ecological environment and prolong the service life of buildings

4. Construction and use: it can be adjusted at any time. It can be simply mixed with cold water. Pour the coating powder into the water, stir it slightly, and let it stand for ten minutes (rapid gelling reaction). It can be sprayed, brushed, rolled, and smeared with a variety of construction methods. It can be used as a thin-layer coating, a thick paste coating, and various forms of decorative effects. It can be used in the weather environment from 0 ℃ to 35 ℃. It can be used for decoration occasions of building exterior walls, bridges, cement pavements, pipelines, steel structures, wood structures, red brick walls, light insulation brick walls, old wall renovation, etc

5. Fire protection function of the product: reach grade a index

development prospect of water-based ecological interior wall dry powder fire retardant coating

China's coating industry is developing rapidly, the market competition is extremely fierce, and there are also problems such as high energy consumption, high pollution, low resource utilization, poor safety and environmental protection. The launch of water-based ecological interior wall dry powder fire retardant coating will certainly change the current situation of the coating industry, promote the further development of the building materials industry, and lead the development direction of the coating industry, arouse the human society's thoughts and awareness of saving resources, saving energy, protecting the ecological environment, improving the living environment, and promoting physical and mental health, and reflect the sustainable and harmonious development of building materials and architecture, people, health, environment, and social economy, Are of great significance





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