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Many people like places with wide views and good light when buying houses, but often such communities are located on the urban trunk road, close to the road. No, trouble comes again. I really feel the noise problem after living in it, which greatly affects rest and sleep. So how to improve this situation? How is the roadside house decorated sound insulation? Don't worry, Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network will tell you now

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1. Install double-layer sound insulation windows

according to the editor, installing double-layer glass windows can reduce the external noise by half. If vacuum glass is selected, the sound insulation effect will be better. If conditions permit, try to choose casement windows, because the partition volume of casement windows is 2 to 3 dB higher than that of sliding windows

2. The wall surface is rough

if the wall is too smooth, it is easy to produce echoes, thus increasing the volume of noise. Therefore, it is better to roughen the wall surface of roadside houses, such as wallpaper, cultural stone and other decorative materials with better sound-absorbing effect. In addition, sound insulation materials, such as mineral wool sound-absorbing panels, can also be selected at the ceiling

3. Door sound insulation

in fact, each door has a certain sound insulation effect, but the effect is very different. Therefore, the quality of the door panel is also very important. The sound insulation effect of the door panel mainly depends on the filler of the door core. The higher the density of the wood itself, the heavier the weight, and the better the sound insulation effect of the door with thick door panel, so we can work hard in this regard

4. Floor noise reduction

most floors are paved with marble, ceramic tiles or wood floors. From the data, wood flooring is the most conducive to sound absorption, especially cork flooring. When laying the wooden floor, people walking on it can reduce the noise of footsteps and the noise of furniture moving, so as to absorb the sound transmitted in the air

5. Placing plants

broad leaved trees and shrubs can be used to reduce noise. In addition, there are golden green roses, ivy, asparagus, Chlorophytum comosum, Begonia, chrysanthemums, etc., but it should be noted that when placing them at home, you should pay attention to safety, and it is not good to hurt others

6. Hang thick curtains

you can hang curtains with thick texture and many folds at home, which can also effectively absorb most of the noise. (recommended reading: how to make sound insulation in the bedroom?)

in fact, there are more than these methods to decorate sound insulation and noise, and the specific owners need to try it by themselves. I hope the sharing of the above Xiaobian can be helpful to you. Well, that's all for today. If you want to know more about decoration and noise isolation, please pay attention to the official website of Wuhan home decoration network. Friends who are busy with decoration recently might as well come and have a look. You can also choose your favorite decoration company through Wuhan Decoration bidding. In addition, if you participate in community group decoration activities, you can enjoy the super value discount of 3000 yuan cash back. What are you waiting for? High quality and good decoration, all in Wuhan home decoration network! For details, please click:

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