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(Kadi protects the home, quietly) as for the door and window store shopping guide, selling is a skill in demand, especially the ability to make a deal. Even if you have good-bye greeting skills, understand product knowledge and good-bye guidance skills, if you lack the ability to make a deal, it is commensurate with the lack of "a foot on the door", which is absolutely impossible. On the same day, Xiaobian sorted out the most complete trading skills in the history for the public. With these skills, are you still afraid that you can't sign the order

1. Indirect demand method

after receiving the purchase signal from the customer, the salesperson indirectly proposes to buy and sell. When using the indirect requirement method, we should try our best to avoid being steady, and the key is to get a clear purchase signal from customers. For example, "Mr. Wang, since you have no other opinions, let's sign the bill now." When you ask for a deal, you should remain silent and wait for the response of customers. Don't say any more words, because your words can immediately draw the attention of customers and make the deal fall short. Trading skills need to be learned

2. One of two options

the salesperson provides customers with two solutions to solve problems. No matter which one the customer chooses, it is the result we want to achieve. Using this method, the customer should avoid the question of "business as usual", but let the customer answer the question of "a or B". For example, "do you sign the bill the same day or the next day?" "Do you use card or cash?" Note that when guiding customers to make a deal, don't put forward more than two choices, because too many choices will make customers at a loss

3. Summarize the advantages of the transaction method

show all the actual advantages brought by the completion of the transaction between the customer and himself in front of the customer, sort the things that the customer cares about, and then closely combine the characteristics of the product with the customer's care points, summarize all the advantages that the customer cares most, and promote the customer to finally complete the agreement

4. Preferential transaction method

also known as concession transaction method, refers to a method by which the salesperson urges the customer to purchase immediately by providing preferential conditions. When applying these preferential policies, the salesperson should pay attention to three points:

(1) let the customer feel that he is special, and your discount is only for him, so that the customer feels that he is noble and not ordinary

(2) don't give concessions at will, otherwise customers will put forward further requirements until you can't afford the bottom line

(3) it shows that my rights are limited and I need to complain to the above: "sorry, I can only give you this price within my disposal authority." Then the conversation turned, "just because you are my old customer, I can talk to the manager and give you some rated discounts. But our discount is so sad that I can only work hard." In this way, the customer's expectation will not be too high. Even if he doesn't get a discount, he will feel that you have worked hard and won't blame you

5. Cherish the lost transaction method

trick the mind of "afraid of not being able to buy". The more people can't get or buy a tool, the more they want to get it and buy it. This is the disadvantage of human nature. Once customers realize that buying this product is a sad opportunity, they will immediately accept the move

the method of cherishing losses is to catch the customer's mind of "happy to get, bitter to lose", and urge the other party to make a purchase decision in real time by exerting positive pressure on the customer. Generally, we can do it from these aspects:

(1) limit the number, which is mainly similar to "the number of purchases is limited, and if you want to buy it quickly"

(2) limited time, mainly to enjoy preferential treatment within the specified time

(3) Limited service, mainly because you will enjoy better service within the specified number

(4) price limit money is mainly for goods that need to be increased. In a word, we should carefully consider the consumption objects and thoughts, and then configure the most effective loss sparing transaction method. Of course, this method can not be abused at will, or you will eventually lose customers

6. The big mistake is to exaggerate that it is a big mistake for customers not to make purchase decisions. Sometimes even a small mistake can lead to the most unlucky results. Through this kind of pressure to strengthen "bad results", stimulate and force customers to clinch a deal. Trading skills promote sales signing

7. Step by step closing method

many customers will delay going before purchasing. They will say, "I'll think again." "Let me think again." "We negotiate." "Let's talk about it in a few days." When a good salesperson meets a customer's refusal, he will first agree with them: "when buying tools, you should be as careful as you are, and think clearly first. You are still very interested in this product, or you won't spend time thinking, right?" They have to admit your idea

at this time, you press one more sentence: "I'm just out of curiosity, and I want to understand what you need to think about. Is it the credibility of our company?" The other person will say, "Oh, your company is good." You ask him, "is that my virtue?" He said, "Oh, no, how?"

with the skill of approaching layer by layer, you keep asking questions, and finally let the other party say what he is worried about. You only need to be able to deal with customers' questions, and it will become a very natural thing to make a deal

8. Help customers make deals

even if many customers are willing to purchase, they don't like to sign orders quickly. They always choose from the East and the west, and don't hesitate to turn around in terms of product color, size, appearance and delivery date. At this point, the salesperson will change his strategy, temporarily not talking about the subject of the order, but enthusiastically assist the customer in selecting. Once the customer selects a product, you will also get the order





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