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On March 3, Zhejiang Plastic City market comments

today, on the New York commodity futures exchange, West Texas light crude oil futures in April were reported at $53.05/barrel, up $1.37. On the London International Petroleum Exchange, Brent crude oil futures for April were reported at US $51.22/barrel, up US $1.11. At the same time, the domestic plastic spot market and the ex factory prices of major petrochemical enterprises have hardly changed

the last trading market was obviously affected by the oil price and suddenly stopped yesterday's avalanche of decline. The overall trend was characterized by violent oscillation, rising and falling, and long and short confrontation. A total of 2850 tons were traded throughout the day, an increase of 835 tons over yesterday, including 480 tons of ABS; The total order quantity of the six warehouse receipts was 4740 tons, basically the same as yesterday. At the end of the day, warehouse receipts ab0503, ab0504, ll0503, ll0504, ll0505 and ll0506 rose or fell by 25, -19, 10, 18, -10 and -9 yuan/ton respectively

ll0504 is the only low opening warehouse order. Therefore, the price rises and oscillates. Finally, it closes with a small positive line with a shadow line. The price shows a callback pattern. On the 30 minute K-line chart: dif line and Ma line of MACD index are separated from each other, and the weight of dif line and falling weight are obviously below the MA line, still sending a relatively clear downward signal. RSI index and KD index are far away from overbought area, which shows that the price has accumulated too much overbought energy. Such structures can release the amount of materials when pH or temperature changes, that is to say, the trend is uncertain. Bol line narrowed again, indicating that the new trend may come soon

ab0504 prices are in the form of going higher and then oscillating, and closing with the gyro shaped small negative line. Other performance is the same as that of many experimental machine purchasers in ll0504, which indicates that the future trend is uncertain

to sum up, the strength of the long and short sides is almost the same, and the trend needs further observation. (Jinyu)

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