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On March 6, a brief comment on PP market of China Plastics warehouse receipt

crude oil futures fell nearly 4% on Thursday. The gloomy economic expectation made the market worry about oil demand lingering. In the spot market, the market atmosphere was gloomy, and the quotation continued to fall slightly. Faced with the current situation of insufficient resources and slow delivery, traders are helpless. If they should instigate the lights to flicker or other lights to light up, they are more cautious in entering the market. Basically, they take advantage of the situation by taking advantage of the situation and taking advantage of the situation in short-term. Today, China Plastics PP warehouse receipts opened low and went high. The overall market continued to fluctuate and moved slightly. The qualification of export companies was strictly controlled. At the end of the day, the index closed at 801.74. The main variety pp0905 opened low and high at 7150 yuan/ton. Today, the buyer was in the dominant position. The front plate fluctuated and went up, and the middle and rear plates continued to fluctuate and go up, and ended up at 7310 yuan/ton. The settlement price of pp0905 was 7216 yuan/ton, down 24 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day. Today, the market trading atmosphere was good, the trading volume was reduced, and the order volume decreased slightly

it is expected that sinoplastics PP warehouse receipts will continue to shake and consolidate

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