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Marine engineering equipment has achieved three breakthroughs in industry, standard and science and technology. Recently, China's first comprehensive standardization demonstration project of offshore engineering equipment - "offshore engineering equipment - comprehensive standardization demonstration project of jack up drilling platform" passed expert review in Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and was successfully accepted. The project lasted five years. During the design and construction of jack up drilling platforms, the jack up drilling platform standard system was established for the first time, which opened up a new situation of offshore engineering standardization, achieved a new breakthrough in the construction of China's top-level standard system for offshore engineering equipment, played a demonstration, leading and radiating role in the innovation of China's offshore engineering equipment industry, and made a positive contribution to the "going global" of China's equipment

the demonstration project is organized by China Shipbuilding Corporation and Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision, led by Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and jointly implemented and promoted with China Shipbuilding and offshore engineering design and Research Institute and China shipbuilding industry comprehensive technical and Economic Research Institute

during the design and construction of the jack up drilling platform of the demonstration project, a batch of internationally advanced standardization research results have been formed in six aspects: first, 1175 standards at all levels have been collected and sorted out on the benchmarking of foreign advanced standards, and the benchmarking and transformation research has been carried out on 298 international standards, forming a comparative analysis and Research Report of 68 domestic and foreign standards. The price is expected to enter the rising channel; Second, in terms of independent innovation and standard transfer, more than 100 key technology researches have been carried out. 19 key technology researches have been declared as national and industrial standards because they are difficult to be effectively bought out by recycling channels, and a quality standard manual for jack up drilling platforms has been formed; Thirdly, in terms of scientific system standard building, a jack up drilling platform standard system was established. 319 enterprise standards were issued according to the complex planning, 28 national and industrial standards were issued, and 40 applications were filed; Fourth, in strengthening the implementation of standards, relying on the standardization information management platform of offshore engineering, a mechanism for rolling publicity and implementation of technical standards, on-site publicity and implementation under process standards, and joint publicity and implementation of product standard manufacturers has been established, and more than 1000 standard publicity and implementation sessions have been carried out in total; Fifthly, in terms of talent training, it has trained more than 100 standardization professionals and a well-trained standard management talent team, and has published more than 30 special academic papers; Sixthly, in terms of international standardization, it participated in the preparation of an ISO international standard, participated in the formulation and revision of more than 10 international standards, actively participated in the iso/tc8 annual meeting and related activities, and expanded China's influence in the field of relevant international standards. This is another example of graphene and related materials' steady progress from laboratory to factory workshop. Standardization promotes the mass, high-efficiency and high-quality construction of marine products. The products are exported to Norway, the United States, Singapore and other places, making contributions to the "going global" of more and better marine products in China

this series of comprehensive standardization research results, combined with the construction and design practice of jack up drilling platform, have achieved remarkable economic results of "three high and two low": compared with the first production platform, the one-time inspection pass rate is increased by 11%, the design efficiency is increased by 26.7%, and the construction efficiency is increased by 25.5%; Reduce design and construction costs by 5%; Compared with the theoretical design, the weight of the platform is reduced by 205 tons. Combining theory with practice, standards produce benefits, which has been fully verified in platform construction

the successful acceptance of this demonstration project marks China's three breakthroughs in industry, standards and science and technology in the field of offshore engineering equipment: carry out comprehensive standardization demonstration in the field of offshore engineering equipment, effectively drive the coordinated development of the industrial chain, highlight China's strength, and achieve a breakthrough in the offshore engineering equipment manufacturing industry; Establish a jack up drilling platform standard system, learn from foreign advanced experience, and achieve a breakthrough in the construction of the top-level standard system for offshore engineering equipment from less to more, from more to all, and from all to best; Carry out the transformation of technical achievements, strive for independent innovation, and take the lead in achieving technological breakthroughs in the manufacturing of national offshore engineering equipment in green, safety, environmental protection and other aspects

China is a major shipbuilding country with important influence in the world, and is striding towards becoming a major country in offshore engineering equipment. In the context of the development of global marine resources, the development of marine engineering plastic granulator is also a major energy consuming household equipment industry in China, which is an inevitable way to achieve the goal of building a strong shipbuilding country. The jack up drilling platform comprehensive standardization demonstration project, a major national standardization research project, is a new measure to implement the national standardization reform, plays a positive role in promoting the innovation and standardization of the design, construction and management of the offshore engineering equipment industry, and has far-reaching significance for the sustainable, steady and healthy development of the national offshore engineering equipment industry. Looking forward to the future, the construction of the "the Belt and Road" has brought a rare historical opportunity to the manufacturing industry. Taking this opportunity to make innovations and breakthroughs and take advantage of comprehensive standardization will greatly enhance the international competitiveness of the national offshore equipment manufacturing and make China play an important role in the global marine strategic engineering equipment

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