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According to the statistics of the pulp and Paper Products Council (pppc) in Montreal, the demand for communication paper in November 2000 decreased by 4.6% compared with the same period in 1999, thus creating a composite chemical pulp paper and paper with a heat dissipation effect 50% better than that of pure polyurethane material, showing negative growth

the demand for communication paper in 2000 increased by 1.4% compared with the same period in 1999, but the slowdown of the U.S. economy in the second half of 2000 has adversely affected this industry. In the last five months of 2000, demand fell in three months compared with the same period in 1999

in November, the inventory of North American factories was 121000 tons, falling for the fourth consecutive month, equivalent to eight days of supply, which is the lowest since December 1995, and has been lower than the normal range of inventory. The decline in inventory occurred when the shipment volume fell by 1.5%, because the output during this period also decreased compared with the same period in 1999. The demand for uncoated products in the North American market increased by 1.8%, but the specific varieties increased and decreased: Super calendered paper (SC) increased by 6.7%, and other varieties decreased by 6.4%

the demand for uncoated chemical pulp paper fell by 6.8% in November, which had a negative impact on domestic shipments and imports. In November, North American shipments fell by 5.1%, of which offset paper fell by 5.5% for the third consecutive month, while tickets and writing paper fell by 3.3%. Envelope paper performed relatively well, and its demand increased by 5.5% last year. The decline in shipments also had a negative impact on the shipment capacity ratio, which was 87% in November, compared with 92% a year ago. The inventory increased by 33000 tons to 1494000 tons, equivalent to 40 days of consumption

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in November, the shipment of coated chemical pulp paper in North America decreased by 13% compared with the same period last year to 359000 tons, which is the lowest monthly level since November 1997. This has reduced the shipment capacity ratio from 84% a year ago to 79%. The decline in North American demand was smaller than that of shipments, at 8.9%, because imports increased. Imports increased by 27% over the end of 1999. By the end of November, the factory's inventory had only increased compared with October. The specific steps are as follows: 7000 tons, equivalent to 46 days of consumption, an increase of 3 days compared with October

in November, the shipment of coated mechanical paper in North America fluctuated little. The shipment of coated variety (No. 4) increased by 12.2%, while that of No. 5 decreased by 4.0%. Although the demand increased by 2.5%, the shipment volume did not increase because of the substitution of imported products. The factory's inventory fell by 8000 tons to 198000 tons, equivalent to 13 days of supply. (pulp)

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