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2013 new materials & ecological fabrics achievement press conference was held in Beijing

on March 26, 2012, 2013 new materials ecological fabrics achievement press conference was held in overseas pavilions. Hosted by Wuxi Natural Textile Group and China Fashion Color Association, the conference focused on the research and development achievements of new materials and the new progress of ecological fabrics in the textile field in recent years. The theme of environmental protection attracted major well-known brand enterprises and many media at home and abroad to attend the clothing Expo. Liang Yong, executive vice president of China Fashion Color Association, and Zhu Guomin, chairman of Wuxi Natural Textile Group, attended the press conference

Liang Yong, executive vice president of China Fashion Color Association, said in his speech that energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection transformation will become an overall trend of the textile industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period. As a systematic project, textile environmental protection needs to have sufficient capacity and ensure rapid temperature rise. It requires close contact and cooperation between raw material manufacturers, garment manufacturers and professional service institutions to jointly develop environmentally friendly scientific and technological fabrics that resonate with consumers, and fully promote their application. While meeting people's pursuit of fashion and environmental protection, it also completes the important task of emission reduction in the textile industry. As a high-tech textile enterprise, natural group creates fashion and value through science and technology, and its achievements deserve affirmation and encouragement

the most eye-catching technology at this press conference is the size free weaving technology. The organizer placed new materials and fabrics and non sizing ecological fabrics in front of each guest at the scene for close observation and experience. Its exquisite flower shape, outstanding hand feel and various values of technology, ecology, water conservation and so on made the guests and the media applaud

ZHU Guomin, chairman of natural textile group, introduced and displayed the technological achievements of size free weaving in detail. The size free weaving technology improves the wear resistance and softness through the treatment process of special single yarn, cooperates with the appropriate manufacturing process, avoids the sizing and desizing process, and meets the requirements of the most efficient size free production process. Compared with the traditional shuttle weaving process, the size free weaving process reduces the sizing and desizing processes as well as the singeing process in the finishing process, greatly reduces the consumption of water and energy, effectively avoids the residue of polyvinyl alcohol size on the fabric, reduces the impact on human body, and improves the quality of fabric products. At this press conference, natural gas group also put forward the concept of "zero emission" textiles, which is the world's first export growth with steady progress, and said that it will strive to challenge this revolutionary proposition of the textile industry in the future

the press conference showed the high-quality mercerized yarn developed by natural group. Using high-quality Egyptian cotton as raw material, the new high-quality mercerized yarn products were produced by blending hemp, cotton, mulberry silk, Tencel, bamboo fiber, modal and other materials. The products are bright and rich in color, smooth and delicate in touch, and suitable for shuttle knitting and other fabric types. It is reported that at present, natural group has the nature standard to stop testing the data to ensure that the products stop consuming according to the expected results. When the data quality control fails, the high-quality mercerized yarn products of Zhi are mainly exported to Europe and the United States, and the mercerized cotton industry ranks first in Asia

at the same time, more than 100 pieces of ready-made clothes made of new materials and ecological fabrics were also displayed on the scene, mainly using a variety of new "zero emission" mercerized cotton and size free woven fabrics developed by natural textiles, which had a superior sense of quality and became the highlight of the press conference on the same day

the results released for nearly 5 hours showed new materials including yarn, fabrics, clothing, home textiles and eco-friendly textiles, fully showing the wide application of new eco-friendly textile materials and the development of textile environmental protection technology. At this chic exhibition, many overseas brand enterprises have made exciting progress in playing the environmental protection brand, and domestic brands have also caught up, which seems to have become a new trend. It can be predicted that in the future, new materials and ecological fabrics that save water and energy will become an important force to promote the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry, and will also be the source driving force to create a new fashion of environmental protection

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