The latest 1760350 twelve roll super calender is p

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The new 1760/350 12 roll super calender has been put into production

on the basis of the successful production of several 1760/600 12 roll super calenders, it is developed and designed by Hangzhou electromechanical design and Research Institute of light industry (Hangzhou Machinery Design and Research Institute of China Light Industry Association) and manufactured by Leshan Chengfa Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. (made in Leshan in order to ensure the accurate operation of the experimental machine, paper machinery factory), Hangzhou mechanical and electrical design and Research Institute of light industry is equipped with electrical transmission parts, and "therefore, the new 760/350 twelve roll super calender with heating and cooling system hot rolls" has been put into operation in Ningbo AAA group Co., Ltd. in May, 2001, as a supporting equipment for 760/350 double-sided scraper coater to produce finishing after coating copper plate paper (another super press is being installed)

the machine finishes 105g/m2 coated coated coated paper without hot water on the hot roll (the base paper is 70g/m2, and each side is coated with 17 ~ 20g/m2). When the overpressure locomotive speed is 200m/min, the line should be turned off immediately if the stop button fails. When the total power pressure is 200kn/m, the physical indexes of the finished coated paper are: smoothness 770 ~ 860s, gloss 55.6% ~ 56.5%, whiteness 86.67%; When the middle four cold cast hard rolls are fed with hot water of 50 ~ 60 ℃, the 128g/m2 double-sided coated paper is finished. The speed is 300m/min (the maximum is 350m/min). The smoothness is 1000s and the gloss is about 60% when the line pressure is 200kn/m. When finishing 80g/m2 single-sided coated paper, the speed is 25, hoe to the field 0m/min, and the line pressure is 200kn/m, the smoothness is 400s, and the gloss is about 60%, reaching the quality index of coated paper

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