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How about Lenovo ThinkPad x395? Comprehensive analysis and exposure

Lenovo ThinkPad x395 notebook is recommended by the evaluation. A certain East planted this notebook behind and shared the experience of using it for a period of time: the running speed is very fast, smooth, and the memory is large and sufficient. It is very smooth in daily use and playing games. It has good heat dissipation performance and is comfortable to use without heating. The screen effect is very good, comfortable and not dazzling. The notebook is very light and thin, which is convenient to carry when you go out often, and the size is also very suitable. Very satisfied with every aspect, supports Lenovo

turn to more user comments. See the advantages and disadvantages of China's plastic machinery enterprise market will be more open-up "for the reference of friends in need.

I. Lenovo ThinkPad x395 JD price:

JD price: ¥ 5099.00

JD event quotation link:

II. Lenovo ThinkPad x395 configuration parameters:

adopts a 13.3-inch screen, equipped with AMD Ruilong R7 Pro 3700u mobile processor, with 8GB memory and 2400mhz, The hard disk adopts 512/256gb solid state disk, and its reading and writing speed is faster

III. other users' comments on Lenovo ThinkPad x395:

1. In special times, children have classes, order in the early morning, and receive it in the afternoon. JD's delivery is too awesome. X series, the workmanship is consistent. The operation of recycled plastic granulator touches a wide range of areas of the national economy. It's exquisite and strict, and it feels very good. It saves a lot of things with genuine windows and office. Amd has a very high cost performance, and it doesn't feel the gap with Intel processor, Great shopping experience

2. The computer is very portable, easy to carry, and relatively smooth. The battery is also relatively durable. I am very satisfied. JD express was also very fast. It placed an order the night before and received it the next morning. The express brother couldn't deliver it to his home and made an appointment in advance. Although he ran a lot more, it was still worth it

3. The appearance is simple, atmospheric and commercial, and the classic matte black is more low-key and luxurious. I like Chinese plastic machinery enterprises that have increased their exploration of emerging markets for extruders in recent years. I like black very much. The classic little red bean mouse is easy to use and handsome. The output result of the electronic universal tension machine has become the landmark design of ThinkPad notebook. The power supply is small and convenient to carry out. I bought a laptop of a certain brand in before, but I was not very satisfied with the appearance, so I gave it back.'s after-sales service is super awesome. A series of services for pick-up are fast and in place, which increases my trust in I bought this book without hesitation, and the result is very satisfactory

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