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Aseli's latest 500 series optical densitometer

American aseli's latest 500 series spectrodensitometer has a Chinese display and provides a number of color measurement functions, including: density, density difference, point area, point increase, printing contrast, hue error, gray scale, automatic selection function and chromaticity function, such as l*a*b* or l*c*h °. Among them, 5 parallel interfaces are often used to connect extraction equipment (such as printers). Models 28 and 530 can measure four-color and spot color printing at the same time. They can also be used in conjunction with various types of professional color quality control software of aseli for color data analysis and ink matching

500 series is suitable for plate making industry and various types of printing industry, so that Shandong Sida high tech machinery equipment Co., Ltd. has more than 210 years of technical engineers, and personnel with professional technical qualification certificates carry out factory verification, such as monochrome or two-color printing, four-color printing, newspaper or magazine printing and ink color matching; The characteristics of the instrument bring superior color quality level to packaging and printing. Aseli provides complete interconnection for the printing industry. In the process from design, prepress, printing to finished printing products, it can effectively carry out comprehensive color monitoring in every link, so that users can obtain consistent color data, so as to save unnecessary expenses and enhance the competitiveness of the industry

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