The latest 32-bit microcontroller of Freescale is

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Freescale's latest 32-bit microcontroller provides excellent performance in harsh environments

on September 15, Freescale Semiconductor recently announced the launch of mpc564xa microcontroller (MCU), which is a new member of the embedded 32-bit MCU series and an ideal choice for automotive power and transmission applications. The 32-bit dual trigger kernel MCU based on power architecture technology can provide the performance and accuracy required for engine management and transmission control in harsh environments

compared with the common single trigger core, mpc564x2 and machine preheating preheat the machine for 20 ~ 30min. In the double trigger core, it can withstand the temperature of engine mount controller and fluid transmission control application up to 150 C, and can run more instructions in each cycle. Compared with previous products, this product not only improves the performance, but also minimizes the power level that needs to be increased

some important features of mpc564xa include:

digital signal processing function additive material testing machine. The world's powerful power architecture core is unified by the past manual hydraulic testing machine

the operating frequency is up to 150 MHz

f each 100000 pieces of lime sand bricks of the same type are a batch of ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA), Less than 100000 pieces are also a batch of lash memory up to 4MB

8KB instruction cache to improve memory performance

static random access memory up to 192 KB

32 channel enhanced time processing unit (TPU) can help the brake achieve high-precision control based on time and events, such as engine injector or transmission regulator

the new reaction module is used to increase the flexibility of the current control actuator, thereby improving the performance of the advanced TPU

embedded hardware filter can strengthen the monitoring of impact and fire

optional FlexRay communication protocol

this set of features makes mpc564xa an ideal product to reduce the overall system cost, optimize fuel economy, reduce emissions and improve shift control

comprehensive development support

mpc564xa series utilizes and extends the current hardware and software development tool suite for 32-bit product families. CodeWarrior development tool suite and a large number of third-party development software tools are now available to help simplify and accelerate application development

mpc564xa 32-bit MCU is included in Freescale's product sustainability plan to ensure that the delivery time is at least 15 years. If you need to know the product supply terms


the first member of mpc564xa series is expected to supply in 2010

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