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The latest achievements of Chinatelecom's transformation appeared 2017mwc

on June 28, 2017, the 2017 world mobile communication conference (MWC) kicked off in Shanghai. Chinatelecom with wings? With the theme of Qifei, 47 products from the seven sectors of IOT, Tianyi big data, smart connection, 5g, new ICT, smart home and Internet finance were exhibited, focusing on the new achievements of Chinatelecom's transformation 3.0 strategy. The intersection of points and lines on the booth also marks the original intention of Chinatelecom to aggregate and release energy and devote itself to the construction of social intelligence and informatization. Last June, Chinatelecom released the new strategic transformation 3.0 of transformation and upgrading at this conference

IOT: open a new era of Internet

automatically report home gas data and remotely switch gas valves. Don't be confused and charge accurately and transparently; The buried geomagnetic recording of vehicle entry and exit status under the parking lot, automatic adjustment of remote timing control of street lights, and the new smart city based on the new generation of the Internet of things (NB IOT) are entering our production and life

the new generation of IOT (NB IOT) technology is an IOT connection technology based on cellular mobile network. It has the advantages of low cost, low power consumption, large connection, wide coverage and so on. It is also a main technical means to realize massive connection and interconnection of all things. On May 17, 2017, Chinatelecom has fully built a commercial new generation of IOT (NB IOT) network, which is also the world's first broadband Internet of things (NB IOT) network

at present, the new generation of IOT (NB IOT) has been widely used in intelligent meter reading, intelligent parking, smart home, smart city, intelligent manufacturing and other fields. In December 2016, Chinatelecom Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Telecom) conducted large-scale field tests in Jiading, Yangpu and Songjiang pilot areas. In March 2017, the network side test and function verification were completed. On May 10, 2017, Shanghai Telecom's first NB IOT automatic environmental monitoring and well cover monitoring application was officially launched in the Expo smart park

on June 27, 2017, Chinatelecom released the global IOT open platform, which is the international IOT professional platform created by Chinatelecom. This platform can realize the unified management of IOT connection services through the global unified system, and provide enterprises with full life cycle IOT connection management and self-service from production deployment to service realization. The platform currently serves 24 operators worldwide and more than 1700 industry customers

at this exhibition, Chinatelecom also brought new energy vehicle intelligent interconnection solutions, car steward, Le drive and other car services, as well as NB IOT based IOT services such as NB smart water meter and Nb smart parking

Tianyi big data: play with the digital era

in the business district, you can clean and grind ink or reduce oil grooves to eliminate faults. Who is the most popular shop, how long is the detention time? In the field of public transport, how often and how long are passengers taking the bus, and whether the surrounding traffic is smooth? What data are available? Chinatelecom shows the public an orderly and transparent society based on real-time data

this time, Chinatelecom exhibited the latest big data product system: Xingtu - financial big data risk control platform, Kunpeng - tourism big data platform, and Kunpeng - real estate big data platform. It is reported that in the financial field, Chinatelecom has served dozens of banks and hundreds of Internet financial institutions; In the tourism industry, Kunpeng tourism big data platform provides 7x24 hours of uninterrupted data aggregation, which covers the whole country, calculates the whole, and integrates visual analysis of multiple external data; In the field of real estate, Kunpeng real estate big data platform integrates cross industry data and provides corresponding solutions for each stage of the whole business process of the real estate industry (land purchase, pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales)

Chinatelecom is the first operator to incorporate big data services into its development strategy, and took the lead in launching full data convergence and intensive operations in 2014. At present, Chinatelecom has achieved an average daily data access volume of more than 200tb, and the cumulative data has reached 30pb. Chinatelecom's cloud computing center big data distributed platform nodes in Inner Mongolia and Guizhou have exceeded 3000, and the annual business volume has exceeded 200 billion times

on the booth, the audience can also see the operation status of route 71 medium volume based on the access data of Telecom base stations around the bus and user networks

intelligent connection: break the information barrier

when you come to the Chinatelecom booth, you can see a neat cabinet with neat and uniform transmission equipment in order. This is the large nfvi (network function virtualization equipment) complete cabinet independently designed by Chinatelecom. This is the result of further transformation and exploration after Chinatelecom proposed network reconfiguration. The launch of nfvi is also an important step to realize network reconfiguration

with the popularization of mobile Internet and the acceleration of information flow, user information and data security have been placed as the top priority. The unified account business exhibited by Chinatelecom this time solves the problem of unified authentication of telecom users' telecom services from the perspective of user information security. Relying on the mobile network of Chinatelecom, the unified account adopts unique technologies such as card identification, plastic granulator, which also causes serious environmental pollution and authentication, so as to accurately identify the user number and provide users with a quick authentication method of one key password free. Through this service, Chinatelecom users can log in to the application or business in Chinatelecom unified account system. The user login, authentication and audit process are all completed interactively in the telecom system, which is more secure than traditional authentication technology

the smart connection section also exhibited mobile QoS guarantee services, traffic control and other exhibition items

5g: looking forward to the new era of communication

watch the ball game with 5g and transmit high-definition pictures in real time. The audience can experience the smoothness brought by 5g in the Chinatelecom booth, and also participate in the cool experience under the perfect combination of the most advanced virtual reality photography platform (ozo) and VR

in terms of 5g, Chinatelecom has established a 5g joint open laboratory to carry out field tests in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other places, and is also actively promoting the 5g field test in xiong'an new area. At the same time, Chinatelecom is also the leading and main contributor to 5g network architecture, dense group and other 5g key technology research. In the 3GPP of the international communication standards organization, Chinatelecom has led six 5g related 3GPP international standards, such as mobile big video and multi convergence. In 2016, Chinatelecom applied for 59 5g related invention patents and held 126 positions in the international standards organization

according to the relevant plans of ITU and 3GPP, the global 5g standard will be formulated in 2018 and 2019. According to the planning of relevant departments, China will start the construction of 5g network in 2019, and it will be officially commercial in 2020. Chinatelecom will establish 5g small-scale test in due time. With the needs of technology and business test, the network scale will also be gradually expanded. It is expected to build a number of scale pre commercial by 2019 and realize 5g commercial by 2020

new ICT: innovative new forms of informatization

new ICT is a new industry application technology support system for e-government, society, agriculture, medical and other fields, which integrates cloud, big data, Internet + open platform, gives full play to cloud integration, cloud number linkage, security and credibility, and builds an ecological infrastructure. The new ICT is also an endogenous driving ecological development of Chinatelecom, promoting the transformation and upgrading of ICT services, and transforming from function to intelligence, from closed to open, and from one-time delivery to continuous operation

the Jiading cloud system on display this time is a customized smart government cloud service portal system based on mature cloud software products through secondary development. Shanghai Telecom has built a resource pool of infrastructure such as computing, storage, network and security for Jiading District portal system. Through advanced cloud technology, it provides on-demand elastic virtual data center and application lifecycle management services, and provides a scientific, easy-to-use and practical cloud platform service portal with high interaction, low threshold and unified services for Jiading District

in the new ICT sector, CEC has a high pore volume. It also exhibited medical image cloud, urban integrated management platform, agricultural technology treasure and cloud businesses related to agriculture and security

Smart Family: enjoy a new life in peace

no one plays, and the piano automatically sends out melodious melody; When you go out, you still keep track of the facts at home; The quality of purified water at home has been reported from time to time, which has entered people's lives. In this exhibition, the audience will see more smart home unified systems based on home broadband networks

the smart home built by Chinatelecom is an all-round home information system integrating Tianyi pass in the intelligent connection center, high-definition IPTV in the intelligent entertainment center and Tianyi home cloud in the intelligent cloud storage center. Through Tianyi pass, intelligent devices supporting E-Link protocol are collected, and users can enjoy remote control and unified access services

the home entertainment center with Tianyi HD as the center takes optical broadband as the access mode, and provides users with home entertainment and information integration services based on high-speed and agile broadband services. In this exhibition, the audience can see the picture more delicate. Tianyi HD, with more than 150 live broadcasts and more than 150000 hours of film and television resources, is not enough to release entertainment. The audience can also make video calls to realize the multi screen interaction of, TV, pad and other home entertainment devices

users can enjoy unified and high-speed smart home services, and smooth network is essential. In 2016, Shanghai Telecom launched smart group service, which provides targeted and personalized home group solutions for different home decoration situations, and realizes 360 degree Wi Fi signal coverage without dead corners in the home network, laying a solid network foundation for the implementation of smart home applications. At present, Shanghai Telecom Intelligent Group has served nearly 200000 users

Internet Finance: leading the new development of communication finance

Natural network advantages, massive user data, and strong network security guarantee have given Chinatelecom a solid foundation to get involved in the field of Internet financial services. Its mature data integration ability and platform opening ability have given it unique advantages in innovative communication operators' financial services

in order to comply with the development trend of Internet Finance and keep pace with the development of financial technology, Chinatelecom, together with a number of banks, securities, funds, insurance and other companies, jointly launched a one-stop investment and wealth management service platform, sweet orange wealth management, which also appeared at this exhibition on behalf of Chinatelecom Internet financial services. At present, sweet orange wealth management provides users with current, fixed-term, fund, insurance, precious metal, securities account opening and other products and services. By the end of March 2017, the cumulative financial scale of sweet orange financial management had exceeded 200 billion yuan, earning more than 1.7 billion yuan for users

in the field of consumer finance, Chinatelecom combines its own capabilities and Internet characteristics to provide users with HP financial services, including orange installments, sweet orange IOUs, credit cards, cash loans and so on. According to different credit grades, Chinatelecom users can pay the communication packages and terminals in installments through orange installments and sweet orange white slips, and enjoy multiple discounts of zero down payment, zero interest and zero handling charges. You can also enjoy credit cards, small cash loans and other consumer financial services

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